Friday, September 4, 2009


*Please be warned that for like almost 3/4 oh the post,I was very high,and if you are reading this.Please bear with me a little.*
WOOOOOOOOOOOO, as a number of you knows about this.I went to see my *ahem* husband yesterday,KIM HYUN JOONG and the rest of ss501 members,young saeng,kyu joong,hyung joong and jung min. Although i only saw 3 of them,I'm satisfied.haha,I reach the place at about 4.45-5pm?? And it was INSANE.I was in a blur mode.People were screaming at me,asking me to queue in line,as i was ONLY asking how do I buy the album.As there were too many people.The queue was a U-shaped queue.I just cut the queue.haha.i bought 2 albums,one for Mrs.Giraffe.Went there with Nicole.As she wasn't really a big fan,I gave her the other album to help me get it signed.luckily I went there with her,as only 1 person was entitled to have 1 album signed by ONLY ONE MEMBER cause there were too many people.The albums were sold out.So,maybe there were about 1000++-2000 people?? i'm not that sure.After waiting for like an hour or 2 finally got to meet them.The people were strict though.Not letting us taking pictures of them.Ishh,teruk betul.As a LOT of people wanted my husband's signature,his queue was the longest until they had to close it.So,i went up to hyung joong's queue.Lucky me,(it's fate)hahahha,the security asked me to go to my husband side to get his autograph,and the people said stop asking them to write your name as stuff,so I didn't request it.Instead as he was signing,me being mesmerized by him,didnt know what should i say to him,I just said
"Can I shake your hand please" after he finished signing my album,which he then put foward his hand.I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY and i was in a very high mood I think glady shook his hand and was saying "thank youuuu".After which I went down,was like in a different world for a moment,dumb folded,a girl who i was talking to a bit when we were queue-ing,was soo high that she turned to me and asked me,can i hug you?? And me,who was also high was like SUREEEE.And there we were,2 crazy people, unknown to each other were hugging each other,screaming a little.HAHAHA.This is the craziest thing I have ever done.Talking to strangers and stuff.ahahaha.Nicole got the autograph from my husband too,but it didnt occur to her to shake his hand.She was a bit blurr i guess.My husband looked tired and thin though.He was kinda half dreaming or like in another world when he was signing autograph?? Poor him.Nicole just told me that he almost fainted yesterday.And that from Malaysia ,they are then going to Japan for another fan meeting.i pity them.they must be super tired.When i was on the way back home,in the ktm,met 3 other girls who also went to meet ss501.And this girl,Fiza,managed to take a decent photo of 2 of the members,and we immediately,exchanged facebook addresses.And with the 2 other girls,Liz and Annie,we started talking about them,the situation there and stuff.They waited since 12.30/ 1pm and at that time there were like 100-200 people there already.So imagine how many people was there,by the time i got there.1 lady who couldnt buy the album,even offered RM 200 to buy it from another person.But,who would sell it to her.All of them there were wanting to see ss501.And man,I was SWEATING like crazy there and WAS PUSHED by people till I almost FELL at one moment,as there was a step there and people was just pushing until I didnt even know there was a step there.
When I saw the news that ss501 was already in Malaysia since Aug 31st,I freaked out and that they were coming to KL yesterday.They were in Sabah(Kota Kinabalu) before that filiming a MV or something.I knew somehow they will be coming down to Malaysia before having their concert later this year,but didnt know that it was so unexpected.So,in Tues night,i WAS FREAKING OUT.Finding and hoping someone would go with me.i sms-ed Nicole,and she didnt replied me until Wed morning at 6am( cos she was sleeping) i lost hope to see them in person.As my parents and Karan wouldnt let me go there alone.Besides,I dont really know the road there and stuff.But,I didnt regret any moment of it.It was worth it i guess.IT WAS PURE HOTNESS OR IS IT BEYOND HOTNESS?? I don't know.MAYBE IT WAS INFINITE HOTNESS. !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh
Oh and it seems that about 15 min or so after i got the signature,they closed the session.So there were quite a lot of people who actually did not get to meet them.I was kinda glad to cut the queue after hearing that news.And was relieved to get to know that I managed to buy the album and meet them.If i didnt,i may cry there (well maybe not,a bit exaggerating) or be SO DISAPPOINTED as i came all the way there and didnt get to meet them.For those who didnt get to meet them,I feel ror pain people.Trust me.I know.
i am VERY SORRY to See Wei and the others for suddenly backing out on the plan to watch movie after class.But,later that night,I heard from Derek that it was scary and May jean was very very scared when watching the movie.And that i think see wei was not scared,i think she find it interesting and fun?? haha.Horror movie is really not my thing.Oh ya,and i got my econs result yesterday too.Wasnt really able to concentrate in class as I heard that the result was out.I got into the A class,which means i passed??yay! but,i'm curious about my marks though.The sad news though is that I'm not in the same class with lee tat,angel (hahahha),junior and a few others.=[ It's so sad...ishh.why do they really have to do this,whatlah,haizz
Overall,yesterday was a mixed of happiness ans sadness which maybe the correct word to fit this situation is bittersweet?? IT WILL BE A DAY I WILL DEFINITELY NOT FORGET THOUGH.*you know what I mean* =]
-with lots of love,peace out- pictures

went to korean plaza before going to 1u.tool pic with none other than the famous f3.many apologies to kim joon for being cut off here. as I didnt get the chance to take a pic with the real person.this will do.XD
there were a lot of people.There were more outside though.

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