Friday, October 9, 2009

Its break time for me now,so i'm updating my blog.Arghhh,stress gila,my exam is on monday.I'm nervous and scared that 1) I have not enough time to write for paper 1. 2) I dont know how to answer paper 2.Haih,i wanna do well in the,i'm stress out.Hmm,there's nothing really much that happened this few days/weeks.Everyone's busy studying and going crazy cos i just finished my business exam last monday and then i have revision classes for Law and need to start revising it as soon as my business mock finished.Some of my friends didnt turn up for the exam as they feel that the exam which is this mon is more important.i was tempted to do that too.but I cant bring myself to do that partly because,i'm not that type of person and i have studied for the exam,in a way,it could be a test of how good i am in the exam....Damn,this month,there are so many nice movies to see.*sobs* I shall ''bertahan'' and will watch those movies that i want to watch after my exam which is on 11th of Nov.Sedih betul,cos its so long.But,it's not like i totally cant enjoy myself in between the exam breaks,as on the 25th i'm going with Karan to Beyonce's concert.~wheeee~ at least i have some sort of entertainment...And I'm going to prom after all the exams have finished.I have yet to find my shoes,dress and figure out how to apply make up (i know,how can i not know right?) and other stuff...haih...ermm,i didnt really talk/chat much with meow and sweet recently,though i meet sweet in the ktm that day,but she was unaware that i was there and got on the train.(i was taking the train after hers,so i was sitting at the ktm station) hahaha.Oh and i just found out from May jean that i got the highest mark for my Malaysian Studies exam which i totally did not expect it.I didnt even know that the results were out.=.='' But,i do admit that I was pleased to hear that news.After 4 hours of brain draining law class,it certainly was kinda of a good news to me. =) I guess that's all about now.Gotta continue reading.4 major chapters to go and 1 small chap.Arghhhhh,i hope*fingers crossed here* that i can fin it by tonight and just re-cap all the chapters this sat and sun.Till then,muacksss
-with lots of love,peace out-

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