Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The year that was...................

*please note that this post shall be long and you have been warned*

Firstly,I am wayy high in my previous post,so,faham-faham sajalah.hehe.This year is the first year that i finally do not need to attend high school anymore.Though I missed my school life at times.But it's now the last day of 2009.Gosh,time really flies.As this is my last post for this year,I shall sum up 2009.

As I started working after SPM in a furniture shop (Casarini).Wanted to work until Feb,but as I had a great disliking towards my boss,I worked till January.Learn from this that people can be really SELFISH(though I learn about it duringF4/F5,and about people's fake-ness as well) and no matter what happen people will always save put themselves first.But,I did make some good friends there and had a great time. =]
Took 1 month break and went for my NS in March.SPM results came out before that,and i was kinda disappointed as I knew that I could do better in some areas,but anyways,it was a satisfiying result nonetheless.

When I went to N.S,and as I was not in the same company as Sze Yin,it was kinda lonely at first.I got appointed as 1 balak in my company,Charlie =.='' But thanks to it also I knew almost everyone in my company and stuff. =D Made a number of good friends there.(almost all of the charlie's members) I was only there for 2 weeks and i was kinda half happy and sad to go back early.Oh and I did the Earth Hour thing at camp and it was very very cool.Though someone fainted or something.haha.I got to know that i am able to go home early at the very last minute and it was kinda shocking to everyone( to me as well) and it was the first time that I had hugged sooo many people and that many number of people that wished/sang me a hppy birthday song in my life.As 1/2 days after I went home,it was my b'day.hehe.
After N.S,I started my college right away,and as I didnt attend the orientation week,I didnt know anyone when I first get there.So,here's the cronology of how I get to know them:

Individu pertama yg saya kenal ialah Marcus Tan dalam intake saya,semasa kelas Econs.Saya sampai agak lewat ke kelas(saya pergi makan tengah hari dgn Kanimoli selepas kelas Matematik) dan kebanyakkan tempat duduk telah diambil pada masa itu,dan tempat di sebelah Marcus adalah kosong.Saya pun duduk diseblahnya dan dia,seorang yg peramah,pun memperkenalkan dirinya

Individu yg kedua ialah See Wei, semasa kelas ELS.Saya sampai agak lewat juga dan semua tempat duduk di sekeliling Marcus telah diambil,jadi,saya memilh tempat duduk di sebelah See Wei.Kami terus ''click'' (jikalau saya tak salah) apabila kami sedar bahawa kami berdua juga dari PLKN.Selepas itu,saya,See Wei danMarcus pun makan tengah hari dan menghadiri kelas B.I selepas itu.

Individu yang seterusnya ialah Kim,Dia sampai lewat semasa kelas Pengajian Malaysia dan duduk di belangkang saya,Marcus dan See Wei.Marcus,dgn peramahnya memperkenalkan dirinya dan seterusnya saya,dan See Wei.

Melalui Kim,saya mula kenal Lee Tat dan melalui Marcus,saya kenal Ramon.Kemudian saya mula kenal Junior (yg sentiasa mempunyai banyak topik perbualan)dan Kean Hoe(walaupun dia duduk di sebelah saya semasa kelas Econs dgn Marcus).Kami mendapati kami pun dari PLKN dan terus ''berbonding'' dgn cerita-cerita kem.hehe.

Tidak lama kamudian,saya pun mula kenal Mei Quin,Daniel,Stan,Andrew,Thomas,Michele,May Jean.Ah J,Ah B.Jake,Yik Yee,Savreena,dan Nicole dan ramai lagi.( Maafkan saya,akibat short term memory loss saya dari semasa ke semasa,saya tidak boleh ingat bagaimana saya mula kenal kalian)
Pada bulan Jun pula,saya kenal Rainbow dan juga Derek tidak lama selepas itu jikalau saya tak salah.jikalau jadual waktu kelas kita sama,Saya,Savreena dan Derek akan pulang bersama melalui KTM.Dan perjalanan pulang kadang-kala( Khususnya pada pukul 5-6) adalah neraka.ishhhh.

itulah,sedikit sebanyak tentang kronologi bagaimana saya mula kenal sahabat-handai saya di kolej.hehe.
After that,time flies,and the exams were here.Everyone was stress,stress,stress !! After the exams,we went to prom and had a Melaka trip.=D

November came and Sis,Bro,and Sirion go into a horrible car accident.they are all now getting better and thorugh time, they shall all be fine soon.(thankfully).

There has also been many of deaths this year.
Besides that,there a also a number of great drama's which I LOVED: You're Beautiful,WGM,Family Outing,2D1N,IRIS,Shinning Inheritance,9 ends 2 outs,Dalja's Spring,LIFE,Tsubasa No oreta,BrothersSisters,Grey's Anantomy,House,Leverage,Chuck and many many many many more.hehehehe

There are also a LOT of great songs and albums out this year which were HOTNESS: 2ne1,G.D's,Taeyang's and Brave Brothers solo albums,Big bang (of course).BoA,Super Junior,Shinee,f(x)-chu (current addiction) Brown Eyed Girls,DD,Epik High,Justin Bieber,Beyonce,Jay Sean,AAR,FOB and many many many many more.XD

I also get to see Lee Hom's concert which was on the 2nd of May(was also one of the reason I wanna get out early from NS hehe).Sat sepeerately from sis this time as she had bought her ticket earlier,but I had a blast.(in situation like this.i.e,in concertmyou need to syok sendiri )And never had I imagined that I get to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person and the rest of the ss501 members.And also being able to shake his hand.Saat itu memang high gila.hehehehe XD So,overall,I had a lot of fun this year..It was interesting,amusing,happy,dad ,etc which equal to a bitter sweet year.But i loved every moment of it.In 2009,all's well that ends well.
A small shout out to Mr.Yong on his 18th birthday today. =] + I am looking foward to 2010.Expecting a number of great movies,drama's (hopefully nice ones),songs,albums,movies and many more.hehe,
p/s : a huge load of burden is out.And she is relieved & happy now. =D
-with lots of love and wishing everyone a happy new year,peace out-

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