Friday, December 25, 2009

Although its after 12 already,but,Merry Christmas everyone. ^^ This year was fun and kinda different for me as I spent it with Mrs.Jang and Sweet.We hung out at Sweet's house from noon till about 10 something pm.I surprisingly got 2 presents this year from 2 unexpected people.hehe.1 from Dad( a watch) and 1 from Sweet(a necklace which i converted it into a bracelet instead.).Thank you so much for you presents.LOVE IT.Was supposed to go out with my 2 partners in crime yesterday,but, Sis came back and was busy so....Was guilty.many apologies about that.But,on the other hand,Sis is back from the hospital.She finally did after about a month there,She still cant walk yet,but,at least it's much more better now. =D Bro went to Sabah for work and he won't be back for 4 months.=[ A very long post shall be updated soon,sumarizing the year of 2009,so,I shall keep this short.
p/s: Rest in peace Brittany Murphy
-with lots of love,peace out-

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