Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was sick,down with flu last thurs.Which makes it the second reason on why I skipped Tort class.hehe.And so,this week I didnt go and visit Karan,=[ It seems like there's quite a lot of people who's sick lately.Kim,Nicole,Jake,Mrs.Jang & Uncle are all sick.hmm,i guess it's the weather?? It was certainly boring at home. Urghh,but,I managed to finish You're Beautiful.(did I mention this already??) the shows is love.Wanted to watch IRIS,but the videos in mysoju are so screwed,that made me stop watching it.*sobs*And I manage to watch the movie Sophie's Revenge,which I have been looking for sometime.

And I love this movie.It's a love story,girl(Zhang Ziyi) gets dumped by her bf,(So Ji Sub)for a hot actress(Fan Bing bing).She plots her revenge with the hot actress's ex(Peter Ho)(there's a twist to it actually) and the girl will eventually lose interest in her bf and she falls for the other guy,I love the movie.Its funny.And not to mention the actors are of course hot.hehe.And it stars Ruby Lin as well.I almost didn't recognize her if i had not read who were all the cast in the movie before this.And today,I watched the movie Prince and Me on tv2.Been a long time since I watch anything on that channel.haha.Luke Mably(pure hotness) and Julia Stiles just have great chemistry in this movie.

One of my all time fav as well besides another million shows.Watch CSI also while ironing mum & dad's clothes.Stopped watching that show after Gill Grisom(i think that's how its spelt) left.I lebam-ted my arm,as I banged my arm against the shoe rack while going out to the porch to take in the clothes.And the pain when I banged aganist it was...................And so now I have bruises on my arms.=[ Am also currently reading a book by Chris Manby.(cause Karan took my Marian Keyes while I was reading it halfway.ishh)I thought the author was a man at first,but '' he'' was actually a ''she''.Saw her books before this,but I have never read them before.Her books are not bad actually.And Uncle,Aunt and Yling came today from Muar.They brought Otak-otak.heh heh.It's been quite sometimes since I ate it.So..=] I think Auntie Paulyn is coming on Mon,and the house's in the mess.Was actually sleeping(at 12.50 pm,I know what you guys are thinking.) when Dad called me saying that Uncle and all will be coming later.I rushed down and cleared up the hall a bit in a half-alseep state.hahaha.And i watched tv all day long.Dont really have the mood to study yet as I'm looking foward to the holidays next week.hehe.

Ok,i did rasa bersalah of not studying,so,i read business for a bit yesterday.And i think i will revise a bit of econs/law/business too,as I am feeling guilty of not studying now.haha.Ohh and I think I have plans for Christmas and New Year.TV marathon.heh heh.You may think it's kinda sad,but for now,I have no other plans,so..........
P/s: I saw one of marian books at the bookshop the other day,called dress rehearsal or something like that.It has short stories in it i think,and the book is not thick at all and it costs RM40 ++ and it's just so expensive,damn it,if,not I would have buy it.And,Daniel Armand Lee,I shall try and own your book one day.i definitely shall try. =[
-Till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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