Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saat- saat yg menggembirakan

WOW !!! As i mentioned on the previous post,I was gonna go for a sleepover at Mrs.Jang's house with Sweet.We plan to talk and talk and talk and gossip and gossip almost for the whole noon and at night,we had bbq.There were too many food,and so,we called Sanjiven (who is living nearby) to come and eat.An 9.30 invitation lead to a almost 12.00am arrival.But,he was having prayers and stuff.so.....The night weather was nice and there were stars ( and bats and rats and cats as well) and so,we just lay down on the porch (it is tiled) and talk for THE WHOLE NIGHT. Although I sleep late,I usually MUST SLEEP. I cannot not sleep.And there we were,Mrs.Jang,Sweet,Sanji and I talking till about 6 am in the morning outside in the porch and after that Sanji went for a game of futsal at City Park.Itik tu,memang bersemangat dan dapat tahan.And we were talking in BM the whole time as we had not use that language to talk for a long long time.Sanji adalah itik yang paling ber-egoistic dalam dunia ini.hahahahaa. Oh and we even used a few peribahasa that night.Those were :

Genggam bara api,biar sampai jadi arang
Air yg tenang jangan disangka tida buaya (something like that)
Planet Pluto dan satu planet seperti Pluto ''crash into each other'' = egoistic (something to do with Sanji's dad and him) -Peribahasa/Teori ciptaan Mrs.Jang

Had a super great&crazy time and we slept at 7 am and woke up at 12 something.We actually planned to go hill-climbing in the morning,but as we didnt sleep,so....hehehe.And we continue to talk and stuff till about 5pm XD After that,i headed to the hosp.(as *ahem* it seems that Karan missed me.. muahahahhaha) I helped her around and we watched Sam Soon.Karan said that the Japanese F4 (hana Yori Dango ) are not hot at all.How can she say that about Shun Oguri ?? ishhh and i just uploaded some pics in fb and send some to Mrs.Jang.And i need to wake up early tomorrow(about 6 am ) =[ .

Current songs addictions are still Justin Bieber,Taeyang and you must hear Archies-Sugar Sugar.An old song.It never fails to make me feel happy and smile everytime I hear this song.=D

Walaupun hari ini penat gila, tapi Ia adalah saat-saat yang teramat menggembirakan.Aku rasa lain kali jikalau plan untuk adakan parti baju tidur juga disetujui untuk dijalankan,ia juga akan menjadi satu perkara yg sangat dinanti-nantikan.haahhahaa.Tidak dapat tunggu Sweet untuk menayang baju tidurnya yang ''seksi''.heh heh. Tidak lupa juga,video-video peribadinya.hahahahahaha. Lets look at pictures now.hehehhee
preparing the foods and stuff
Lucky was hoping to get some of the food

Hotdogs and nuggets,I forgot to take a pic of the chicken wings =[
Chief &Asst Chef of the night
Lucky yg masih berharap dia akan dapat sedikit makanan
barbequing with pink-purplish fire. XD
Food,glorious foood
sisa-sisa selepas tu

Chocolate ice creams as deserts !! Masa berbonding 1 Masa berbonding 2

Masa berbonding 3
Masa berbonding 4

Before I went home,Mei Wee gave me some of her homemade tart which is nice.It taste even better than the cupcakes the other day.*thumbs up*

Tart yang dibuat oleh Mrs.Jang.= Enak A surprise Christmas gift from Sweet.
(shall wait till Fri to see what it is hehe)
A BIG thank you to Sweet and Mrs.Jang.Had a fantastic time.And it is truly saat-saat yang menggembirakan.looking foward to the next one.heh heh
-You know i love you and you and you and you,hehehe.peace out-

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