Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Went out early today.The reason? i went to KLCC with See Wei.We went to sample some perfume and I love a scent from Ralph Lauren.I forgot to ask what was the name of the perfume.We had a lot of fun know what I'm talking about.*winks* =[ I was about to reach Sentral when See Wei sms-ed me and said that all the LRT system were down.I was like, what???? When i waited for the LRT from sentral it was not as bad as i magine it would be.So,it was bearable.On the way to Kinokuniya,i surprisingly saw Karan's friend.I saw him once at Sentral too.Sadly,he didn't recognize me.Bought 2 books today,1 from Alexandra Potter and Chris Manby,It looks nice and i hope it is.Marian Keyes had a NEW book.The cover is gold.*sobs* I shall patiently wait for the small version as it is too expensive.RM70.50 *cries a river* why must it be so expensive??? Took the ktm to Kajang back today and from Kajang,I waited for the Seremban train.Had to stand until Nilai,and only then was there a seat for methere was 2 guys before me and they were on their way back to Seremban too and they were like finding for seats when people get down but didnt really succeed and it was kinda funny,looking at their expression.And they were another 3 chinese guys,standing beside me,who wanted to eat something I think,and they dare not as there was a sign of no eating pasted at the window.hahahhahaa.The situation then was funny (for me)I am not feeling great at the moment,it looks like I am about to get flu and sore throat.which i hope i dont. =[ Will be skipping class tomorrow.hehe.Tort is just tooooo boring and it is a waste of my time,just sitting,today was a fun day,=]
-with lots of love,peace out-

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