Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twenty ten

Hello people,although it's a bit late,HAPPY NEW YEAR.It's the year of the decade as it is now 10 years since Y2K. I didn't go anywhere for the countdown.Oh,and I cut my hair.Pic's can be seen in fb.And let me say,i do not look like Chibi Maruko =[ Stayed at home and watch tv instead.hehe.I think it was on the 31st or the 30th of Dec where there were MAMA awards in channel {V} and then kbs gayo daejun.So,i was korean-ized that day as I was watching all the performances from 6pm till 1am.heh heh heh.^-^
Class begin as usual this week,as we had already started in Dec.

Nothing really much/interesting happened. Though that day as I was taking the bus to the ktm,an uncle board on the bus and was walking towards his seat and as the bus had already started moving,he kinda lost his balance and kinda like half -sat on me.Everybody was like.'woahhhh,becareful uncle' and he was a lil' embaressed and apologised to me and i told him it was not a big deal.hahaha.It was the first tort class for us this week and the lecturer,at almost at the end of her every sentence will have the words,can? ya? alright? hahahaha.It was kinda funny.See Wei didn't attend the class that day as she was stuck at the lrt station for almost 1 hour ++ as the systems were down it seems.But,as the class was just an introductory class,so.............
Watched a French film this weekend,DVD courtesy of Uncle Seng.hehe. And the show was awesome.Jean-Baptiste Maunier is HOTNESS. ( No,I didnt not watch this movie because of him,i just discovered him in this movie) Go google him and he is now my new husband.hehe.Karan and I are craving for Japanese food.We vow that once she's ok,we shall go on an eating spree.muahahahhahahaha.

Am currently addicted& loving to a num of songs.They are:
Eagle eye cherry-save tonight
Mummra-she's got you high (OST of 500 days of that movie)
Urban Zakapa-Caffe Latte & Sweety You
Savage Garden-I knew I love You
f(x) ft M.I.C -lollipop (is not bad too)
Ze:A- Love Coach
HyunA's-Change (it's kinda not bad)
Brian Joo's album
Robyn-Be mine (acoustic)

Well,I guess that's about it this week.Oh,I almost forgot,we celebrated Nicole's b'day and am glad that she is happy.Sweet's having her exam tomorrow.I know she can do it !! =D And Mei V's b'day is this Wed.Sadly,she has class and is busy with her crazy school timetable & tuitions.So,shall see when is she free to date me.heh heh.
p/s: results maybe coming out this week.Urghh,is freaking out.*sobs*
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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