Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr.Kind Guy

Wohooo.tomorrow's the last day of class for 2009 and I have my holidays again people. =D I can go back in becoming a pig again.heh heh. Skipped lunch today as I was full drinking chocolate shake from McD.it made me seriously full.Went to see Karan today.and of course,as usual,we irritated each other.hahha.The kakak beside her has gone back and there's a new lady there.Her relatives came I think.I didn't mean to eavesdrop on their conversation but it was sooo funny.
Relative : (was explaining that someone was baking a cake for her husband or something) Suami dia teruk betul.Dia condem isteri dia.
Lady : Apa dia cakap?
Relative : Dia cakap kek yang isteri dia buat,kalau baling dekat dinding,dinding tu pun boleh retak.

My god,when I heard that,I was dying of laughter.I had to control myself so hard.hahahahaha.it was the best man.And oh,i forgot to write this that day,I was crossing the road to go to Sentral,when the traffic light for people to cross the road turned red,i was still crossing,so I said,''Shit!!'' as I was scared those cars and motor will hon at me and stuff.And i think i said it a lil too loud,as this mguy on motor was looking at me when i said that and i was so embarrassed.=.=''
Karan laughed like mad.ishh.And today,was taking the train with savreena as usual and a guy offered me his seat.Fuiyoh.was suprised.I didnt think it happen to me before? and he got off at Nilai,I thought he was getting off somewhere near,like Midvalley or something.So,thank you Mr.Kind Guy.You are truly a rare species. =] And I shall dedicate this post title to you.hehe.Maybe going out or having a sleepover with Mrs.Jang and Sweet.~whee~ it's been a long time.Sis is so much more better now.And Sirion was discharged.Doctors ask him to reast at home.It seems that he kinda have lost his memory? not completly sure.Hope he recovers.Overall,it's a happy day. Oh and I'm still confused about some stuff,but as I had wrote before,I shall not think too much.He take me like as a sister ?.Hmmmmmm.....he's just not that into me? hmmmmmmmmm
-with lots of love and a lil' confused,peace out-

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