Friday, December 18, 2009

As I just woke up,cause I tertidur again just now and missed my shows on Friday night,(never mind that,it has repeats on Sunday) and after reading Marcus and Kim's blog.I have the sudden urge to blog too.hehehe.Jake started the trend to blog about college friends and I am tempted to write about it too,but shall save the best for the last and hence,that post will have to wait for a bit.Went to the hospital as usual again today.Karan's friends( the ones that I met at KLCC the other day) came and visited her today.And they bought her Jaffa Cakes (that she had read in a book the other day and enquired her friend about it) and cupcakes !! The jaffa cakes were very nice.The cupcakes were pretty,but it was kinda a disappointment as it doesn't taste as good as it looks.Aren't they just pretty,its sad that it doesnt taste so good though.=[ Oh and I have another photo that has been in my phone for sometime.In previous posts had mention about Karan changing her menu.Well she gets western food now.And it's yummy.hehe.Here's a pic of it :And when karan couldn't finish it,of course I naturally help her finish it XD. And Dad kinda did not notice when he was on the way to the hospital the other day,and when he came into Karan's room,he said to mum,that he just realised that he wore wrong/mismatching slippers.And all of us roared into laughter.ahahahahaha.Has currently started on a new drama series (it's not korean/japanese this time) called Brothers & Sisters.And it's a mixture of all the emotions.(too lazy to list it down) and the show rocks !!!
Gonna have a sleepover with Mrs.Jang and Sweet this coming Monday and Tuesday. ~wheeeeee~ we are having bbq at night and I am sure we definitely shall have midnight chats and snack and watching movies/dramas and playing a few games. ~woots~ I am soo looking foward to it. =DDDD I think my short term memory loss-ism is getting bad.I forgot a choreographer's name which I love,and only a few hours after that did I remember his name which is Wade Robson.Urghh,as I was walking alone today,I was thinking, god,2008 is coming to an end and I'm gonna be 19 in a few weeks time (not officially but...) and it's so fast.Then what Sweet said the other day came into my mind,next you're gonna be in the 20's.I was's soooo wow. My bed's calling me again.So....
p/s : i miss you =[
-with lots of love,peace out-

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