Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is it ok?

Hello people! Didnt realise that i have not updated my blog for almost 2 months now! my bad! I have a quite boring/routined-based life at times.hahahahaa..BUT,will have a LOT of things to update now..that i will break them into separate parts.. =)))

After my exams,i have been enjoying my holidays being a very lazy person...But deep inside me I start to feel scared and insecure...Looking thorugh social network sites of my friends-it seems that all of them in one way or another is moving so much forward in life compared to me.

I feel like I dont know what I will do or go after I am finished with my degree and all...It's like all of them are swimming forward in the ocean and am about to reach their own destination at mainland soon while I am slowly drowning in the ocean...

In other words,I feel suffocated...This grappling fear that everyone seem to have a plan already and I feel I have yet to have a concrete one.

Being the person that I am,I usually just keep these thoughts to myself to which was noticed by my loved ones...And after letting it out,I feel much better and I then see that maybe it's ok to not be ok at times...

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