Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fried chicken anyone?

I was kinda determined to find work during my holidays this year,but after being a lazy for a month after my exams and having certain problems with transport and some not so good luck,i landed a job for 2 weeks at KFC which was not far from my house.

Yeah,it maybe a bit weird to some or a shock to some maybe? but i wanted to earn some money and the pay for this 2 weeks job is good.It was during the raya week,and since all the workers at KFC are malay,i guess they needed some contract workers..

My job is working outside--as in the front of the shop which includes,cleaning after tables after people have finished eating and like sweeping and mopping floors and stuff.Its a simple job,unless you dont do housework at home.Its  just on a bigger scale and what is needed is pure labour contribution from one.

However,I technically just worked there for 8 days as I took 4 days off work (2 days were my leave and 2 days MC) as I decided after much contemplation to join my besities to go to Bangkok! It's our first trip together since finishing high school as we,finally are all on holiday break and finally have the time..I almost didnt go to this trip as I was scheduled to work at KFC but then deep down,my heart was telling me that I would regret big time if I didnt go.Thankfully, my parents didn't have much objection to this as well.

Working at KFC is a good experience for me and in a way I could cross it out of my invisible checklist of having worked at a fast food restaurant in my life.Hahahaha. The workers there are all nice people though I feel very old there,excluding my managers and stuff.I was one of the oldest workers there... I got the chance to try interacting with kids who are younger than me for like 3-5 years?  I was certainly a bit worried at first about a potential amount of generation gap.Also,some of the colleagues there are a bit surprised as to why I am working there,--i remember one colleague-Hakim whom I think just blurted out after finding out what I was studying and stuff and said to me without filtering his thoughts I guess: 'Why are you working here?!' I was amused hearing him question me that,and just answered : Hmmm,I need some money( and inside,i was thinking--working for such a short period money with a pay they are offering me sounds good,and I dont mind the hard work.)

However,after talking to them and getting to know them further, I realized that they were actually very mature for their age.. Their take on life,the things they have been through and their dreams and aspirations and how they see things are different from me and the people I usually hang out with. I am amazed and in awe as to how simple they lead their life at times..Waking up,going to work-which has minimal politics,helping their colleagues and treating them all like one big family and then go home.Earning as much money is mostly their main aim,but that doesnt mean that they hate their job...They seem to enjoy doing their job and take them seriously as well..This is what make me feel amazed.Here,I am myself dreading about my future job and how tough and all its going to be that I think theoratically for now,I  partly loathe my to be job.But these people are different.

Also,it made me realized and putting it in a crude manner,the pay there is actually not super high,but yet the people there are so enthusiastic and willing to do this kind of work(its seriously hard labour).It also made me realize through some observation,some people who frequented the place-some are really nice,appreciative people,while some are the total opposite.

I feel they are just nice,simple people there,and certainly would miss working there,though it involves long hours and hard work.

Also,just when I though chivalry was dead,the guys there proved me wrong..All in all,I had an awesome time working there and this will definitely be saved in my memory of the times I spent there.Also made some interesting discovery about characters and personalities that I like.

p/s: It was interesting getting to see first hand how a fast food restaurant works and let's just say I wouldn't be eating for some time now as I am entitled to 1 meal everyday for the past 2 weeks at kfc that I all my cravings for it has been FULLY satisfied for now.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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