Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today on August 15th, I woke up early as I have work (switched shifts with my colleague) and went to work...As the hours passed,towards the afternoon I get more and more nervous...Butterflies starts forming in my stomach,i get goosebumps from time to time and started getting restless.. I keep going to my locker room and check my phone for any news about my results...

The radio station that I usually listened to at work has been surprising as well..For about a week working,the radio station has only played GD's song (michigo) once-and that was on my first day of work...I was so surprised that they played it once again yesterday night as I was about to finish my work and twice today!! IT made me all happy and I took it as a good sign.!

Received an sms from my college that results will be out after 5pm..And  following last year,I was predicting it will be out around 7pm ...and hence that was the reason I switched shift with my collegague as I could go home by 6pm... Who knows,lo and behold, UOL updated at their fb account that results will be out at 3pm British time and that means,it will only be released at 10 pm Malaysian time...

Ohhh the horror,stress and nervousness that I have been going through all day is further prolonged..BOOOOO. By 9.45pm, my bestie whatsapp me and said results are out and a classmate of mine did well in it!

I freaked..I paced in my room a little before saying out a little prayer and start to refresh my email and all to the link of the result page!When I got in,the first thing I look was whether I pass and then slowly start to analyze my marks and all.. To be honest,I was surprised to see that some marks for some subjects that I thought I may have scored higher,I got lower...And my results was worse compared to my 2nd year...and then I scrolled down the page it there it was written that I have graduated with a second class honors(lower division) my first honest feeling: disappointment..

I know I have no one else to blame but myself..But still,there is a little flicker of hope of doing better in my exams you know.

But all in all,I am very happy,thankful and relieved and cant believe  that I will be graduating with a law degree and have finally survived through this crazy,stressful law course..It was a horrifying yet fun journey! The friends that I made and have gone thorugh this with me and the lecturers that inspired me and scared the hell out of me..I am truly grateful and thankful that I get to meet and have these people in my life..=))

-with lots of love and feeling very blessed,peace out-

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