Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The best friend is now in the plane- highly likely in a deep sleep on the way to Korea for the next 4 months or so. She's there for an exchange programme. Cannot believe that the moment is finally here !

Am so happy for her. Ahhh,the things that she will be experiencing! am excited for her. I love that country a lot,so i hope she will get to experience it awesomely like the way i did.. At the same time, i envy her .Hahaahahaa. Oh the concerts and stuffs that she will get to go,buy and what not, booooooooooo.

But it's all good.Wishing her the very best there,and am looking forward to hear stories :D You will be fine there ! And as I have stated, am just a text/tweet/skype call away from the virtual world.

Take care there.Hope to meet you there maybe? I dont know...Maybe not.We'll see.Not having any hopes at all .

p/s:  Am looking for a best friend replacement or a boyfriend now.anyone? heeee ;D

-with lots of love and am gonna miss you soooooooo much,peace out-

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