Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A perfect distraction, a first vacation together

Due to my love for procrastination and August being a kinda busy crazy month,am being a bit behind in my updates..This post is about my (first) vacation with my best friends since after high school if I am not mistaken.All 3 of us are studying different courses and colleges and hence it's a bit hard at times to find a time where all of us are free.But finally we manage to find one. =D

It was not a long -time-ago planned trip.In fact,it was a surprise/random decision.I nearly did not join me homies and I really wanted to go and thankfully my parents didn't really object but just asked me to make a decision and lo and behold,I decided to go... Am prepared to not be employed with KFC but a middle ground was reached and that I dont care that  the solution was that I will getting less pay than expected.

I would say this is the first time I have been on a free and easy trip not having to plan anything.A BIG thank you to Ms.Sweet's friend,Nat would brought us around and all.It is definitely a super plus point visiting a country where English is not their main language and having a local friend there to bring you around..

Oh,I think I have not state in this post yet so far where did I go.Hahahahaa.I went to Bangkok.Never been there before, heard it's a shopping haven and of course nothing beats the Thai food there as that's where it originated from. Truth to both statements made : ITS TRUE!! it's da bomb people!!

I love clothes and all,but I am not the kind of person who goes out shopping one day and can come back to 1 big bag of clothes and all.I am usually a very indecisive and ( sometimes) a kedekut shopper. I dont really buy a lot of stuff one time and would usually think for a kinda long time before I really purchase something--unless it's something I have really been searching/wanting for years--- like the adidas relace low women shoes-- found them at Stadium,KLCC with a 50% discount sale the other day! I literally gasped ! I was just doing some random window shopping while waiting for Ms.Lee who went to meet her coordinator at college. Was just looking around before settling myself at Kinokuniya to read some book.. Ahh! I have seriously been liking this shoes for years (yeah,for real) but ended up didnt buying them when I first found it in Malaysia as it was too expensive.

Short derivation aside,I had a REALLY GOOD TIME AT BANGKOK! Stayed at Pratunam area and that area itself is enough for shopping!! A sad thing is that,some t-shirts there are a bit small for me (although some are really pretty) due to the size differences between malaysian and thai people there..especially the girls...Girls there are small sized,while I am a giant compared to them =.=

I love this place called Asiatique...It was a random decision I think to go there...Took a boat there...And we did not have to pay for it! The reason: They are sending you to a place to spend money--so its a free ride.Hahahahaa. I love this reasoning. The place has a huge ferris wheel that while looking at it in a boat on the way to Asiatique-it reminds me of a scene from Honey and Clover... I dont know why,but it just did...And I think this may sound weird,but the clouds there are pretty.Hahahaha. And the weather there is oh so hot thats it crazy!

And i love the fruit juices there! it's so yummy and cooling! Was introduced to banana smothie by Ms.Lee and it tastes AWESOME!! that i am now a bit addicted to it!! Gotta find if there are good ones in KL and of course I shall try and make some myself too :D

Our craving for fried chicken was seriously deepened by Ms.Lee too and thankfully that craving was satisfied before we head home...Shall definitely visit Bangkok again in the near future for shopping and eating purposes ! It's a nice and kinda cheap place to go vacation with friends =)))

 Pictures of how awesome the trip was and gushes about it can be seen in my social network sites if you did not notice. =))

Oh ya! and I forgot about this! When I was at Asiatique,we witnessed a proposal and there was this girl-acting like a moving statute who was giving out roses by  the stalk itself and I happily went to take one and i came back all happy towards my friends,and the proposal kinda continued and all but it turns out in the end,I need to give back the rose to the bride to be for like a sign of wishing them happiness.I was a bit disappointed for a moment,but i did at last give her back...Wanted to wish the bride to be congratulations,but her friend suddenly came up to her and she burst into more tears,so i just quickly gave it to her and ciao..OH, and did i say roses/flowers in bangkok is like super cheap?!! We saw a bouquet of fresh roses there for like only rm5 !!! Hahahaha.As I think I have not shared this story in my blog before...Let me tell you about this story

One day,I went out shopping with Ms.Lee at klcc/pavilion area.As we were making our way to the lrt station at klcc,beside auntie anne's there is the cold storage entrance,I suddenly saw this girl emerging with a bouquet of roses with all the stalks and a bit of leaves still on them. and she was looking so so so SMITTEN and happy with her boyfriend following her from behind..Everyone kinda like stop a bit and look at them,including me! And after that,according to Ms.Lee-- I could not stop talking about that scene I saw..
I was telling her, ''I dont care,at least once in my lifetime,I must receive a bouquet of flowers like her! It's just so sweet and all..'' And to which after hearing this,I think both the best friend, went and said-- jo ann,you should not fall for this kinda tricks you know.. Haahahaahahaa... But the bouquet of roses was just so beautiful people! I am not really a big enthusiast of flowers...But,you know,it was just like a bouquet like that--it doesnt have those like normally sold at the flower shop wrapped with those plastic papers...Its just so so so much more nicer! And oh course,my very awesome best friends did offer to get me one,since I cannot believe my eyes as to how cheap it is,but i thought to myself,it's not nice wasting their money just giving me one like this for no apparent reason,so.. tak apa :D though I do APPRECIATE their kind thought of doing so! I think I have recently discovered and concluded that I am such a sucker for romantic stuffs/events that I know its not good.And stuff like this at times just happens in movies,or guys use this kinda tricks just to get the girl..BUT..I cant help it at times... booooooooooooooo....I know it's bad..akibat watching too much romantic events on korean shows and stuff you know..*sigh* i shall try and convince myself to not fall easily for these kinda things anymore.

p/s: a big thank you to ms.sweet's parents ,ms.sweet herself,ms.lee and nat for making it awesome and such a memorable trip for me and also my parents for sponsoring me  =))

oh and did I say the trip was 2 days before my results for my final year exam was out ? !! It was definitely a perfect distraction to make me not think too much though during my trip-- I started to get well wishes and what not from my friends and college. =.=

-with lots of  love,peace out-

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