Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YES!!! i have finally finished my final term exam for malaysian studies.This means that i'm finally free from it,which i hope will be for the rest of my life,not that i hate the malaysian history or anything,but sometimes it's just boring.But then,next tues having my mock exam for econs.Is currently in the process of revising the subject.Am a bit worried that i will do badly in it(which hopefully i won't).I realised that i dont really know how to answer the section A,a bit nervous about the exam since this exam will determine which class i will go to.either to a good class(where it consits of all the clever student)or the average class.I'm not that sure whether there is a third class or not though.I was wondering,it will definately be an honour to be in the first class but there will alos be a lot of pressure as the puplis there will all be the clever lots and teacher will the lecturer/teacher will teach at a faster pace.On the other hand,being in the average class,you have more time to digest the syllabus,so....I guess i'll just have to try my best and see what the outcome is.Cant believe it's august now.time certainly flies.Come aug 18th,g-d will release his album.cant wait for it.Hopefully it will be a nice album.Then, in dec or so i think ss501 is coming.ant wait for it too.In the seoul concert,hyun joong strips off his shirt.*woots8 that's hotness.hahhaha.Sis and dad's b'day will also be in august.And my teeth appointment is this fri.damn,is a bit nervous again.Will always be whenever i have a teeth appointment,as Dr.Goh is seriously scary.
Still havent watch Harry Potter yet.The time is still not that right to watch it.And G.I Joe is coming out.College is havong a movie day for it,but I'm lazy to go cos it's this sat at 11am in klcc.Means i need to wake up early and travel all the way to kl to see it.So,i rather watch it in seremban.The trailer looks cool and Channing Tatum is HOTNESS!hahaha.that will be one of the reason i want to watch tihs movie.=] A drama unfold in class yesterday but,i will not talk bout it here and Mrs.Ikuta told me that her long time bf is back in malaysia.another shocking news.hahaha.-peace out-
i'm feeling as if i'm going to be sick and i hope i won't be.

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