Tuesday, August 18, 2009


*Note that in this post you will see the word hotness in almost every sentence.*
Just ate my dinner and stuff not long ago.And,now,i'm listening to G.d's new album.Oh my GOD,it's is superbly beyond hotness!!!! His mv maybe a bit weird,but still,it's very him.omg,it's hotness.loves almost all his songs off the album.=] i cant stop saying this.It's hotness! cant wait for his comeback.wohoo!and also a very happy birthday to mr.kwon ji young.you certainly did not disappoint us.Its just hotness!pure hotness!
Moving on,just got my econs result.It was borderline.Just passed.This fri there's gonna be another one.hope that i can do better than the previous paper and also hope that it is easier.heh heh.Tomorrow's is karan's birthday.She's getting old.bwahahaha.Seriously,this year her b'day present is a good one.She really will love it.(i hope) for i'm the one who choose it.=p Watched Khalil Fong's tv special on sunday.His songs are nice.Not always the type that i listen to,but,he's hotness.hehe. And i'm currently also addicted to jyp's kiss.damn that song is sexy.watching 2pm performing it again was hot.Seriously it was soo sexy.*faints**faints* Cant wait for the holidays to start,but then,may have to kill more brain cells this time around,ahhh,the pressure to do score well is building up..
Current songs that is playing in my mind this few days are:
damien rice-9 crimes
natelie merchant-my skin
fall out boy-pavlove(the starting of the song is hotness)
natasha bedingfield-a.n.g.e.l
k.will feat dynamic duo-one tear in a second
jewelery-strong girl
All the songs from g.d's album.
I think that's all for now.peace out.

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