Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes,i did it

After much struggling,i berjaya to install a chatbox.=.='' you may think it's like almost one of the most simple task in the world,but,being a blur and sometimes a slow person,it's difficult for me.haha.this shows how bad i can be with computers sometimes. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">hotness keeps popping up in my brain and my hand keeps on typing it on the computers' screen.hahaha.August is a great month.A lot of artist release their album this month.brave brothers' bitersweet is hotness.just heard it today.=] As i'm in my proud mode right now,just wanted to post this up to say that i have succeed in putting a chatbox in my blog.haha.*thanks see wei for teaching me how to put this up*
p/s:just found out yesterday that ryuhei matsuda is married,at 26,he's already a fast.There goes another hot guy taken.=[ Discovered it when i was watching love collage again.A weird movie(cos the plot is a bit illogical to me in my opinion) but the pictures that were taken(this film is a lil' about photographers)were's beautiful.Had the urged to watch it again after watching the movie,Departures(it talks mainly bout death).
-peace out-

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