Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yay,I finally have another 1 week holiday.^o^ Just finished my exam for econs on Fri.The exam was much better than the previous one as I can answer more ques than I did from the previous one.Though I don't know whether my answers are correct or no though.The train home on Friday was insane.It was so PACKED with people,and it feels like you're in a concert more than like you're taking the train.It was also hot like mad inside there.Got home at about 7.30 and I was hungry and tired.being a pig,I didnt really have the appetite to eat,feel like sleepingJust ate a bit.But than,since it was Friday,there's this show that i watch in astro.So,i bertahan until 11.30 to watch the show and then at last,I think i ended up sleeping around 1 something-2am?haha..Been sleeping late,need to bertaubat.need to change back my sleeping time.Got to study this holiday though.ELS and Business exam is coming.=[ Arghh,and I'm lazy.Going to have some drama marathon also this holiday.Will most probably watch Say Yes Enterprise and Brilliant Legacy.karan's gonna move house this coming Fri.Will have to go down to Kl to help her with her things.Gonna cut my hair this hols too.It's getting long.uhh,guess that's about it for now.
-peace out-

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