Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Double Dose of Badness

Why oh why must this happen??? why ? I didn't see it coming to me at all.You know what day is today?Today's the double dose of bad news day.*sobs* *sobs*

The first news is that I have class tihs sunday.From 10am to 1pm.Mr.Kevin said as the exams are approaching,you have to sacrifice a bit.So,there goes my beautiful weekend.

The second news,is that after finishing my exam on Tues,the papers were marked and it seemed that everybody sucked in it.So much so that we have to TAKE THE EXAM AGAIN next Friday.THis means,that i have to go through revising again. =[ IT is indeed today that i have tasted a double dose of bad news.luckily,there is at least one good news.G.d came out with another new song feat Teddy&CL which is hotness! Aug 18th,come faster

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