Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today = Love =]

Heh heh,went to midvalley to shop today.Was a fun day.Ate a lot of things.And can you believe it,Mrs.Johnny Depp and I went there from like 11 something till about 8??my leg is in pain right now.Consider all the stuff that I ate today,guess,all the fats(hopefully) was burned away.haha.Bought a storybook from Marian Keyes.This means there is only 1 left before I have her entire collections.=].Bought Dad his present for his 50th birthday which is this sat too.=].Hope he likes it,as once again,I was the one who choose it.Thanks to Mrs.Johnny Depp for being patient and helping my choose the present.*muacks* And I saw quite a lot of people that i didn't expect to meet them today.haha.
The holidays is gonna end soon.Too soon.=[ Didn't really study much this holidays.Was just being lazy at home.haha.*starts to feel a bit gulity now*.
Anyways,today is a fun day.Tomorrow gonna go down to kl again.Karan is moving house.Gotta help her with her stuff.

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