Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random ramblings

Although a person may seem strong on the outside,
Sometimes inside they are actually breaking into pieces.
Although a person may look happy on the outside,
Sometimes,inside, their tears is as much as the ocean,
Although a person may seem like they have no worries at all,
Sometimes they may carry what seems like all the troubles in the world on them.
Although a person looks like a person who doesn't have much personality in them,
Sometimes there are just other sides of them that you have never seen or get to know before
Don't just then judge a book by its cover for you will may be surprised what the contents inside may contain.
However,sometimes,a person is just how you look at them,
If they are happy,they smile from ear to ear.
If they are sad,they cry a river for days and then get over it.
If they are boring,then well,they just are.
If they are worried,when they sigh,they could probably blow a building away.
So,how are we to judge a person?
Or should we just ignore judging someone and just accept them for who they are?
The various personality that a person may have?


  1. hey dude,sound emo n deep..just random or smth else huh?

  2. a bit of both.a friend of mine in college was emo,got me thinking bout things