Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I think I need me a chill pill

'Sometimes,we find a person to share our thoughts and insecurities not because we need an advice,etc
Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hands ,and to just listen, saying 'yes' from time to time to help us ease our over thinking and insecurities-to prevent us from being held back by them' -Honey & Clover

I just love the sentences above from Honey and Clover.I think I have probably watched it over a thousand times,but I think there is a certain point in time every year where I will just re-watch the whole series (season 1 and 2) and like each time i get a different feeling after watching it..It's not like the typical anime love story actually.It talks about friendship, life and love.(that's what I personally derive from it after watching it,that is) And it's so funny and sad at the same time,that it might be the main reason why I love it so much..And the songs used in it are nice too.So,yea,I love this anime a lot.

I think in between last year and this year there has been a number of negative posts here.One of the reasons is because I feel the need to let it out somewhere,and there is actually not a lot of people who knows that I blog,so I figured this is kinda good place for me to vent out my frustrations and anger at times.

It's the last 24 days or so to 2013.This year,like a few months of the second half of the year had me dealing with a number of umm,negative / selfish emotions and whatnot. Disappointment,anger,jealousy and all.It was not thrown at me all at once,but like I guess I had to deal with these things more frequent than what I went through last year I think.

I find it interesting up to a certain extent where you get to see it from a third eye view and also experience it personally on how it would be like when you are tested on what's your limit in trusting and being patient with someone and trying to give them chances time and time again.

I learnt also that  (for me) it's a tough battle in trying to fight the green eyed monster and being genuinely happy for someone.I felt like I was being suddenly put in a weird place in trying to fight this battle since I think I never really experience this kinda thing before.It was an interesting lesson now that I've come to terms with  it. ( oh shit, am I turning into some spoilt,immature brat  here ? nooooooo,i dont wanna be one)

I think the fact that my thoughts on life and other things in general may have changed for the past one year or so and hence,it changes the way I handle things and see things in different perspective at times.I'm like another step closer to a new chapter in my life and I am trying to decide or plan as to what and how am I going to proceed next.Like the things I dream I wanna experience and stuff, of course at the same time I am worried of once a decision is made,is it a right decision or vice versa you know?

Yes,you will probably ask me to not think too much and take a chill pill,and hence I quote the first paragraph above.

Oh well,let's hope that I will be able to end this year in a good note and have a fresh and good start to 2014 soon..

-with lots of love,peace out-

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