Sunday, December 29, 2013

Till next year,peace out

Hello hello.I am back again.I know I have been neglecting my blog again.Have decided to write my summary for this year as I am currently feeling VERY BORED at home and I dont wanna postpone making the summary to the very last minute. Just spent an hour or more to read up all my posts for this year ( in case i forgot what I've experienced this year) and also decided to read what I went through last year for a bit.

I noticed that the number of posts that I've been posting has been decreasing annually and hence one New year that I would try and conquer would be to post more often in this blog..I don't keep a diary with  me,so this blog is in some sense like an electronic diary for me.Plus the fact that not a lot of people knows about my blog or even reads them. I don't really mind because it's not my main aim to have a famous blog or something.I just like to write down my thoughts and stuff and though would at times wish for some people who are close to me to read them to just let them in what's actually going through in my mind,at the same time I just take this as a personal record for the stuff that I wanna put down in words to be read again.

I think this year is the year where I've been to quite a lot of concerts and met a lot of artists that I have been dreaming of meeting and I feel I am very lucky to be able to do.Ooh and TABLO AND NICKHUN REPLIED MY TWEET WHICH IS BEYOND AWESOME!Also I think I broke my own personal record of winning a lot of free stuff this year from concert tickets to a box of beauty stuff from one of my fav. blogs I usually read.I myself dont know how I do it,I just usually enter contests I am interested in and give it my best shot and hope to win something.I do get disappointed at times of not winning them.Hahahahhaa.Was able to buy one of my (well a num) of my dream shoes and had a number of great buys for clothes and all :D

I started the year by going for GDA,then Twin Tower's Alive where 2ne1 came,then seeing Jo In Sung,then GD's solo world tour,then world stage, Arthur's Day and finally Super Junior-Super Show 5 concert.There are a few concerts which I regret not going such as Linkin Park's one.But its all good.There are 2 concerts that I am dying to attend in 2014 and I just hope I will be able to attend them. *praysss*

Crossing off my life's to do list is to work in a fast food restaurant and just a few days back experiencing the unique way of eating at my house porch with almost complete darkness as there was no electric in my house for about 2 hours.I seriously appreciate the creation of electricity and internet I tell you.

One of the happiest moment this year would be the fact that I manage to graduate and is of course a "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' in my life chapter. Am doing my CLP now and you will see my rant and cry over it over the next many many posts.I can safely assure you I will do that.

I didnt really travel that much this year as much as I longed to ( especially the past few months because I was just feeling restless and tired and what not-it's a hard to explain feeling that I've been experiencing). But I did have short and really awesome ones. One was going to Pangkor Island with Ms.Lee,Ms.Yap,and Ms.Ding. And at the second half of the year went to Thailand with Ms.Lee and Ms.Sweet ! Both were short trips but it was definitely very memorable.

Also at then second half of the year left me dealing with many issues which I did not expect that I had to deal with to be honest.Its basically family stuff and it was not easy for me to be honest.Am still dealing with it and I just hope all will be resolved well next year.

Hence there has been many negative or emo posts as you can put it.Some are about the issues that I mentioned generally in the paragraph above.

Some posts are just more about my feelings on thoughts on having to try and decide on the direction I wanna head in life regarding on things I want to do and experience and my career.I cant believe that I actually need to deal with 'such grown up,adult stuff '. I think this maybe due to the fact that subconsciously I just dont feel like being one? hahaha, I dont know..That might be it or it might be just having to experience it for the first time, I'm in shock mode and am not quite so sure how am I supposed to handle this kinda things.And seeing like how some of my peers know what and where they're heading already makes me feel lost,worried and scared.

Like this kind of questions have been some things I've been thinking a lot for this year I guess and things in in life like living life itself,love,death and all that..Experiencing,hearing and knowing about it personally and also seeing things from like a third person kinda view.

Not losing to last year,there are of course a lot of good songs and dramas this year as well, such as That Winter the Wind Blows,Master's Sun,The Heirs ( HELLO KIM WOO BIN I LOVE YOU , AND OOH SO JI SUB AND NOT FORGETTING JO IN SUNG) and the new drama which just started not long My Love from another star starring Jun Ji Hyun,Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo In Na. The drama Heartless City is a very screwed up drama which I havent watch fin yet ( its too emo) but I already knew the ending which is a sad one which makes me not feeling like finsihing it.hahahahaa.

MY favs artist such as 2ne1,GD ,YB and TOP released songs respectively which I LOVE.EXO's Growl is one of my fav this year as well and so are songs from like Infinite,Kahi ,Zion.T,Epik High and all. In the non-kpop scene: Justin Timberlake and Beyonce ,Lorde,Macklemore and Ryan Lewis,The Great Gatsby and Hunger Games : Catching Fire OST are one of the few favourite albums of mine this year :DD

I guess that's about it for this year.I wish for everyone that I know and for myself that hopefully we will all have a better year in 2014,and to be a better and stronger person than what we are today.I quote a pic which I will be posting on instagram  later:

''May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful,and don;t forget to make some art-write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.And I hope somewhere in the next year,you surprise yourself '' 

Happy New Year.Hello 2014 ! Bring it.

-with lots of love and the best wishes,peace out-

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