Friday, August 17, 2012

Part 1

It's been like a decade again since I'm here.Part of me dont feel like updating much as I pretty much carry out the same routine daily and post after post about it would just bore you to death wouldn't it? I know I will.Hahaha.but a lot of things have been in my mind now that I feel the need to just pour everything out now.But there's quite a ton of random bits and pieces here and there that I decided to seperate it a bit.Let's start with the current music addiction.Its been sometime that there's a long list.And I realise that I cant really remember some songs title that I like at times,and me blog here provide the best storage of it =DDDDDD

Here it is:
Emeli Sande-Read All About it (part 3),My kind of Love
Tinie Tempah ft Emeli Sande-Let Go
Passion Pit-Cry Like a Ghost,Constant Conversations.
Robortom ft.Au Revoir Simone-Paganini Rocks (found it when i was watching taeyang's reality show-real sound ! how awesome is that?? )
J-Min-Stand Up
Phantom's new album
Teen Top-Falling in Love/whereas , party tonight.
BoA-the shadow
Beast-the day you rest,beautiful night.
Still addicted to 2ne1's I love You and Verbal Jint ft.Sanchez-You Deserve Better.

I guess that more of less it.It's a bit weird at times having a korean song and an english song stuck in your head at the same time.But,it somehow in a weird way work for me.hahahahahaha.

Finished watching a couple of awesome drama that I love and if you have time and trust my taste watch these:
A Gentlemen's Dignity, King2Hearts,Rooftop Prince,Queen In Hyun's Man (romantic gila that will not probably happen in real life),Ghost ( theme of the drama:kan-chiong ness!!!) , Rich Man Poor Woman (japanese drama-watching it cos Shun Oguri's in it =ppp) ,waiting for more eps of To The Beautiful You.and some more new awesome drama that will be airing.

that's it for now.
-lots of love and peace out-

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