Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Being the failed fan that I am,I was supposed to post this on the 18th of August,but I forgot.Happy Birthday to the one and only Kwon Ji Young.He is the person whom I have a million times dengan muka tebalnya refer to as my husband =p And I know he may not be the most good looking guy out there and at times may have a weird taste in fashion and hairstyle( cant help but admit this) I still *please prepare to vomit for the ultimate corny-ness* I still LOVE him. And also,Happy 6th Anniversary to Big Bang.Can't believe its already 6 years that I've been obsessed with them.=ppp I dont think I need t further explain how much I love them though for I think most people know how crazy I am over them.hahahahaha

p/s: Can't wait for the 25th!! G.D.'s mv gonna be out.Can't wait even more for his solo album!!!!

with lots of love,peace out

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