Friday, August 17, 2012

Part 2

Dear beloved blog,I feel so sorry and ashamed as I just realised that there was only 1 post for the entire month of July.Epic,epic failure I know.I shall not be excuses and try to update as frequently and write as entertaining (perhaps) as possible.

I stumbled into a blog a few days bag.It's called leloveimage.It's kinda a unique blog as posts stories of people (like us) about their love story.Happy,sad,angry,sweet,one-sided,all the many sides of a relationship.And some of it were really good.As they wrote the story really good.I have a couple of blogs whom I have bookmarked in my computer that you could kinda say my daily reads (if they update'em).And I love some of it for their writing skills.

Whenever I read their posts I find myself asking myself,they write so so well.Why can't be at least half as funny or half as witty as them? The times where you find someone or a book or a blog that has the same brainwave of humor or logic or style of writing with you is just awesome for me,for its not easy to  share the same humor/opinion,etc with someone at times.

I dont really read back what I wrote here at times,but sometimes,just to reminisce over past events,I could see the difference in my style of writing and my thoughts on things.I guess maturity and exposure to different people and environment has help me grow and change to (hopefully) a better individual?

Of course the words spoken by my lecturer who shall not be named here that 'Generally it is very hard for a person to change' plays at the back of my head from time to time.I feel people do change,just not drastically or not wholly.Maybe only in certain expect depending on a person's character.

I've been spending sometime reading lately.Nope.Dont freak out.It's not study related.Being a nerd that I am,I love reading story books.(a culture my parents has encouraged me from young starting with Enid Blighton) Chick lits most of the time. I bought this book last year by Haruki Murakami called Birthday Stories.Reason: I was drawn to the title of the books.It contains a compilation of stories with the theme of birthdays.A variety of different takes of it.Some of the stories are nice,but there are some,which is a bit too deep for me I guess as I dont understand what I just read after finishing it.The ending is somewhat open ended,or maybe it's just me,not reading through the lines perhaps that got me thinking '' What? this is the end? so what happen in conclusion? like what? '' I think I'm gonna read it over again.not now perhaps.but a few later,just so I could test myself again.hahahahaa.

Am re-reading Marian Keyes books now.Starting from Watermelon.I love the way she writes.The stories are funny to me,but I dont think it applies to everyone,as my sis dont find it as amusing as I's purely subjective.

Ok.Got one chunk of things I plan to write out.stay tuned for part 3 I guess? hahaahha.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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