Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm not the tidiest person out there.I admit that i can be soooo super lazy at times.But when I clean up my room,etc.I really do them.And who likes seeing it being messed up right? It pisses me off really.I'm no neat freak.But like after eating and all,dont just chuck everything and leave it for me to clear up just because I'm currently having holiday and am very free.I dont see you doing that to me.

And the most irritating part at times is then being blamed for cleaning the room,lazy,blah,blah blah.Why is it that only one side of it is being seen? me selfish or calculative or whatever .When I speak these out loud,I'm being called as of the above selfish and calculative.So,do you expect me to do everything? You have your own hands and legs.It's not that you're super incapable.Then the reason of being in an accident last time,and so cannot do heavy housework or stressful environment all week is tiring and so you should help out come up.

But then,when you're angry,you say i dont know how to do the housework and all.Seriously.How can I not be pissed off? You're preaching to someone who does it for siblings MOST of the time? The make the place dirty and all and then go back to KL,I'll have to clean it. And the reason of being the youngest,your siblings have been doing it  for years come up.So,does this mean that they dont have to do it for the rest of their lives now since I have to 'gain the experience' now? Sorry,I dont see any logic in it. It's not that I am not willing to do it,it's just that sometimes I'm fed up.I am no saint and have a certain level of patience ok..and I'm tired of arguing about this and just prefer to not retort back.I however need to let this all out somewhere.And it helps by writing all these down.

-peace put-

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