Friday, July 20, 2012

A summary of what had happened after the previous post. Celebrated See Wei's 21.Was an accomplice with her friend Tennii for her surprise.It was very funny.Went to Genting to celebrate her birthday on the 9th of July.Of the friend Chester never fails to make me laugh like a mad woman.I am almost always speechless at the stuff he says.Went to the casino,where the security said to see wei  after looking at her IC 'Wahhh.pandai ahh'' and the other one said: ''Good luck'' This amuses me a lot.hahahaha.

Continued with my driving lessons.Had a little OMG moments where cars pop up suddenly to almost cause an accident by makan-ing my jalan, and me almost crashing into my house gate the other day for tekan-ing too much minyak at once,all this giving my father little heart attacks.hahahaha.A proud moment though was I inadvertently drove me dad to the pasar malam the other day.Why inadvertently? that's cause it was along the way while I was practicing driving when me dad suddenly said ''Ok.stop in front there,I wanna go pasar malam for a while'' to which I obediently did and waited in the car,singing to the songs on the radio and muttering '' STRESS'' to myself whenever there is a probability that a car maybe parked in front or behind me,making it hard for me to drive back home later..

Also,freaking out,making strategic plans as if I was a general in charge of a war for the purchase of Big Bang's concert in Malaysia.Ohhh,the dilemma of choosing which ticket to buy and the fear of not getting good seats is no joke for a concert junkie like me,whose no.1 concert that I want/wish to attend before I die or to put it short,is in my Concert Dreamlist (or the other way around) is *drumrolls* Big Bang..=DD

That's more or less it.Ohhh.also the continuation of making bracelets from time to time.hheehehe.

p/s: Congratulations to all my friends who has graduated law school.It got me thinking,WOAHHHH.SO FASTTT.hahahaha.Am happy and proud of you guys.=)) Also enjoyed looking at pics of all the trips arpund Europe.Gosh,I hope I have the chance to visit them one day too!

-with lots of love,peace out-

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