Friday, January 29, 2010

ramblings about stuff

As from the previous post,results were out this week.The ride to college were certainly nerve racking.I was sleeping in the train(to like relax) when Uncle suddenly called me and said I got 3A's.I was blur and was like,seriously?? And then I couldn't sleep anymore.I could not believe my ears.I wasn't expecting straight A's. Was expecting B's/C's or the worse even E. It's just wow.But,the pressure is just starting now.= ( I shall try my very best,to do well in my A2 also.And so,aku akan dengan tekunnya mula revise pelajaran aku ! A drama unfolded in tort class the other day.And while I was waiting for the bus on thurs,there were like blood stains on the road.And it still looked fresh.I didnt notice it at first,but then this lady was walking to the bus stop and asked me whether an accident had taken place just now.I was blur for a moment,and then,I saw the appetite for lunch,was gone for a moment.And once again ,I met See Wei in the toilet in sentral.We burst into laughter when we saw each other again.hahahah.Ooh,and we had our moral class last wed with the jan intake a-levels junior.

Gosh,we (or shall I shall I) feel old.The situation was like,when we started a-levels( now this juniors were ''we'') with the LLB seniors( now us being like them)Totally didnt listen to the class,as it was boring..On the train back home on Thurs,this uncle started to talk to me in the train and stuff.Was kinda interesting and amusing.hahaha.Had my dental appointment today,and Dr.Goh said,my teeth almost ok already.Hopefully I'll be able to take out my braces by May.hehe.Heard some shocking news.Had mixed feelings towards it.haih.I guess everything happens for a reason right,though it is sometimes due to your words/actions.And we should not be a pessimist .So..............

Moving on about lighter stuff,Nicole's gonna help me redeem Super Junior's poster this Sunday.I hope we are able to get the posters as we had lined up soo long to buy the ticket that day.*fingers crossed* Today and tomorrow is BIg Bang's Big Show concert in Korea.Their guest,is none other than 2ne1.How I wish I could attend the thing.arghhhh.T.O.P's gonna reveal his new solo song it seems.Am looking foward to it.=D Why cant they come here one day?? *sobs* But,i shall hold on to the hope that they will come here one day.heh heh.I think its kinda all that's been happening this week? short term memory loss is kinda bad lately XD Oh,and i'm gonna be soo broke.Karan's craving for expensive food.Had to buy for her subway the other day.It was a blow to my purse. =[ ooh,i have dinner in midvalley on mon.courtesy of Mr.Aria.Gonna stay in Kim's house after that.=]
-with lots of love,peace out-

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