Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summary of this week.
Went for classes as usual.Went to watch Tooth Fairy on Thursday.It was funny.Was surprised to see Ryan Sheckler in it.He's ummm, a pro skateboarder.The train back home on Wednesday or Thursday was literally hell.As there were a LOT of people cause one train was canceled and one disappeared,hence,TONS of people were there,waiting to get on it.=.= Was half dead on the way back as I was already feeling tired after class..=[ But,there was what I can call ''drama'' in the train.It stopped at Kajang,and there were these gang of high school kids(about form 1/2).These guys were noisy and then these 3 uncles came in.I was kinda like in between 3 of them.And one of the uncle shouted 'shut up' to those kids.And there were kinda shocked that they did.Some of them uttered some bad words which caught the ears of one of the other uncle,and he scolded them.Saying,don't you dare to be rude,etc,etc.There was I standing in between these 2 groups of people.

And I was kinda that a fight would take place,cause if it did,I am soo dead as I was standing in between them.But,that ride home was certainly not boring.And guess where those Uncles were from? Seremban. =.= Since its after 12am now,in about 24 hours,my results will be out.I am cleverly trying not to think about it in order to not freak out.Don't know what to expect,don't know what to think,and hence,is telling oneself not to think of anything.hahahaha.Am also lazy to do my homework,and study (someone,please give me some inspirations =[ ) And I havent buy my new year clothes yet too.
p/s : though a load of can I say distraction is out of my system,she thinks to herself,should she move on or she shouldn't ?? guess,she just feel a little down a times,(cause she kinda think of him from time to time??))it's kinda stupid and foolish at times right? maybe the best solution is to move on?
-with lots of love and nervousness,peace out-

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