Friday, January 29, 2010

Of challeneges/decisions/actions and the stupidity of the human race

If a lot of issues in life is just a simple straight foward problem,wouldn't it be great as we could solve it without much worry/debate/consideration/hesitation?
But,if that were to happen,life wouldn't be a challenge right?
However,these challenges pose different difficulty levels to different people.
Because,different people have different behaviour,different opinions on things/the amount of pressure/stress that they could take at one time.They even react differently towards these challenges.
For a person who don't like things being complicated,will always look at things in a straight foward manner, and though it will be hard,they just face the challenge.
Though it requires a LOT of courage & determination to do that.
For some people,they know the challenges are staring right at their face,but,they sometimes,choose to ignore it thinking that would be a better option.
But,it's only a matter or time right ? no? before they face the music ?
There will be a decision at the end of the day right?
And the outcome of it,will be due to that decision right?
So what will you do? Which type of person are you?
Or maybe you're neither of them?
Decision, decision, decision.
It must be made somehow right ? no?
If it is ignored,you may find yourself regretting it later, at times.
A statement that comes to my mind : (sometimes it's just) The stupidity of the human race
-peace out-

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