Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms.Mei Wee

As the title above,today's one of my most favourite person's born day.I am very thankful that I met her.Seriously.Though in the beginning we use to hate each other,I can still remember the scene,in 3 Merah classroom,we were like being sarcastic to each other and stuff.I kinda forgot since when we starting to ''click'' and did all the berbonding sessions.Was it standard 4 or was it 5? Hmmmm.anyways,this girl is my go to person.There's almost nothing that she did not know about me.And our LOVE for dramas and movies,are never ending at times.I remember when we were f2,going crazy over Full House,watching it in 8tv everyday and coming to school the next day and gossiping about it.Oh,and when we talk on the phone,we could definitely talk for hours and hours. XD And our plans for the sketches that we made.Most of it kinda inspired from the songs we listen to.Ahhh,the good old days.Wait.... it's kinda not that long ago.And we are not THAT old yet.. let me re-phrase the sentence,ahh,those were certainly happy times. =D.Our shopping/eating spree was definitely fun,hehe.

Oh ya.and the crazy stuff that we did at times,hahahaha.Remember the chicken rice incident at Sen Wai Soon's shop.I shall NEVER FORGET what you told his mum.Didnt know i was shocked or was i speechless/emotionless the second you said those words.hahahahahahaha.And the crossing the road incident,i SHALL NEVER FORGET THAT.Was dying of laughter at that moment.hahahhaaha.Did we have any major fights or arguements??? I somehow dont really remember those moments.hehe.It can be said that we have kinda been through a number of major/stressful stuff together.I remember the time where we first hug each other.It was not cause we were happy or something,it was because we were cold.hahahahahhaahha.I think that was the one time that we hug.And I realised that over the years,me,you,and sweet didn't really take much pics together.

Well,this post is for you and it doesnt seem like we have known each other for a decade already.10 years must have pass by so fast.Thanks for being my consultant and assistant and everything else, for me. *starts to cry a river& becoming emo* Once again,Happy Birthday babe,and don't worry,you will always be young at heart,no matter what age you are.heh heh heh.
-with lots of love & you know i love you,peace out-

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