Thursday, October 24, 2013

Isn't it a wonder?

Sometimes I can't help but wonder
If lost opportunities and moments
Are something due to one's passive nature
Or is it a sacrifice one need to make
In hopes of getting something greater?

Yes,perhaps one should embrace carpe diem.
However,there are obstacles and I'm not bold enough.

Is it something I really want ? or
Is it just a mere greed of trying to obtain it?
Or could it be due to an envious feeling?
It maybe a mixture of all three.

And so I can't help but wonder.
 I try to hold on to the believe
And tell myself everyone has a different story mapped out for them.
The ones I draw out in my mind under the title called 'wish',
Is it the same as the one in the process of being mapped out in reality?

I can't help but wonder about this.

-With lots of love peace out-

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