Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Truly blessed.

September have been a good month I must say.I started the first week by feeling a bit sedih as the best friend Ms.Lee left for Korea and I need to cope with the fact that I am now kekurangan a partner in crime for many stuff..But her absence doesnt feel so bad as we skype from time to time and talk to each other almost every day...the only thing that is missing is the physical presence you know? And also the 'oh-I-envy-you-a-LOT-right-now' and 'why did I decide to take law' moments from time to time..But other than that,it's all good.

And I have been very very very lucky this month,I must say.. Firstly,I was not having high hopes at all of attending world stage this year,but at the very last minute,I manage to win a pair of tics from Astro,and I went !! Attended world stage with Mich ! It was a bit of a messy and complicated process of arranging how to get there all,but the day finally come, and all went well =D It was raining but we got in late,and didnt really got drenched in the rain..

As we were walking to the concert venue (inside sunway lagoon already) I was saying to mich : "i hope EXO is the second one to start performing,or something like that' went suddenly the security guy or the worker for worldstage turned,looked at me and EXO is performing now..They've been on stage for about 10 mins now..You better hurry if you wanna see them- and his friend said,-Go! Run,run! Run for your life!!!!! Hahahahha... And i did a little...manage to hear them sing half of History, and then 3.6.5 and the song that I looked forward the most is actually Growl.! There were lots of people.. and i was in the back..But it was all good as I have saw them once before in GDA.

After that,it was Far East Movement time!! I was very excited as I have a kinda huge crush on Kev Nish!!! And let's say they really put up a good show!! IT was so high! or like I was really high.! hahahahahaa..Coincidentally I was really addicted to their new song called The Illest and hence was even more happy when I get to hear it live !! :D

I am not really a big fan of Robin Thicke-but of course there is a need to hear him sing Blurred Lines live!! But his live performance just blew me away!! His charisma and aura is just soooooo SEXY that I was just just just so mesmerized by him!! And he is REALLY GOOD LIVE!!!  The crowd was not as hyped up as they were when Robin performed compared to FM's performance as Robin's songs are much slower..

But all in all,its good.And would really like to thank michele for accompanying me to attend this and for sending me home and all. You know I love you ;))))  I really had a good time =))

Fast forward like 2 weeks later,I knew earlier on that All American Rejects,The Wanted and Five For Fighting are coming for this year's Arthur's Day...And just entered a few contests here and there,and I managed to win like 6 tics last min!!! This is the first time I have won so many tics for a concert in my life!! I think it maybe partly due to the fact that not many people entered the contests..

However,initially,I couldnt find anyone to go with me and my sis told me to just burn the tics and not go,as the venue was so far and no one wanted to go with me..I was to the point of asking my bro to send me there and if he didnt wanna see the bands performing,I shall just go and syok sendiri...However,while I was chatting with Celine about textbooks,she saw my tweet and all and wanted to go...Initially she couldnt as she had plans with her friends and all,but finally she caved in and wanna go as well...As I was alone,I asked her if I could tag along with her and her friends...She said it maybe a bit awkward initially,but it should be ok...I was a bit doubtful for a moment after that,but she assured me that it's going to be ok,and I was like oh what the hell,to have won the tics and to not go just because i am alone or something,its something really wasteful,and I am glad I went!!

I have been wanting to see All American Rejects live since they came for world stage last time and all,but I did not have the luck to win tics to see them live and all.And so I was really looking forward to see Tyson Ritter sing live.I heard and saw on TV that he is hilarious live,and  THAT IS SOOOO TRUE!!! And as the stage was split into 2 stages,the place i stood was the stage where AAR were going to perform and it was really front!!!!!

Five for fighting performed first and never could I believe that I get to hear him live...The songs Superman and 100 years are actually the 2 songs that I could really remember hearing from the band (sadly) and to hear it live is just surreal...

Next up was AAR and I was really excited..Their entrance was amusingly dramatic and they started off with Dirty Little Secret i think...Best moment ever was to hear It Ends Tonight LIVE!!!!!!! Its my all time fav song of them,so I was REALLY REALLY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were just so awesome and funny that it makes you feel really happy watching them performing live.

After that,it was The Wanted...I am an ok ok fan of them..It was a bit funny though that a guy standing beside me was a bigger fan of them (he knows he lyrics to their songs ! and was so high) compared to me.HAHAHAA...The Wanted was good live too.And they did a 10 min session of singing The Killers songs as they are a big fan of them..We ciao when they were performing their last song to avoid traffic jam and the awesomeness of this event was they handed out free water.! Hahahhaahhaa.( sorry,the concerts that I usually attended got no such thing as handing out free water) And we managed to see fireworks in the car,leaving the venue.

Got to make new friends-they were Celine's friends..Dylan and Devon (forgive me if the spelling's wrong) and they're really nice people..for driving to SIC ans sending me home and all.Went for supper at this like mamak place called bumbung if i am not mistaken but people just called it the nasi lemak babi/ nasi lemak maybank it seems--I am not entirely sure where in KL that is...as I am kinda bad with places in KL...And its good. And the place was really cool,as the tables and chairs are located at this like one straight road of backstreet...it seems that it opens kinda late usually,and since I have never really hang out late in KL,it was a really cool experience...I think I got home at about 1 something -2 am or so and sis my sis went back to seremban on fri--i got to stay at her room to myself. :DD

Sad thing was I had class the next day and I keep yawning in class.Hahahaha.But,but, I did some reading of the subject earlier on,so I could still understand what was happening during lecture.. Did I mention that CLP is scary as hell? Like my lecturer scares the sh*t out of me on the first day of class itself..And over the last 2 weeks with his speed in finishing the chapters in our study manual...I mean,come this weekend, I will be done with the WHOLE syllabus of Criminal Procedure Code !!!!faints* Yes,people,you did not read wrong..I have just actually started my class , like just one month ago..And boom 15 chapters is done! *criesssssss*

Yea,so I am worried,and stressed really.But,of course,I do take the time to relax ( the stuff that I wrote above seems to say it all. hahaha)

I guess that's all for now..Ooh,and my graduation is this coming Friday!! I am really excited about it because I feel its like the proper ending/indication that I am finally done with the University of London Int Programme..and you just have no idea how happy and relieved I am to get through this..Its unexplainable..The sleepless nights,the tears,the brain cellls involved in it,its just too much..Shall blog about it in the next post =)))

p/s: Also unexpectedly bumped into my thai friend( i guess i could categorize him as my friend) Nat,after class one day as he was visiting M'sia for the weekend.TOTALLY did not expect to see him at the traffic light area just outside my college..And had lunch with him and ms.sweet and her friend the next day...And also had a very amusing meeting up with Ms.Sweet in the train on how I thought I could meet her at Nilai station ktm (she took one train earlier than me and wanted to meet me in the later train that I took),to which she feels its not safe to Bangi station and we finally met at Kajang station.HAHAHAHAHA.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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