Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life moves on

Woke up to a strange dream.
I guess it's a dream about my subconscious desires.
I'm awake and back in reality.
So, life moves on.

Hello November.
Having a Deepavali holiday and savouring every moment of not having to be at college at odd hours and days.
I totally forgot about Halloween this year until I saw people posting pics of their halloween parties and stuff.
Yes,I am that blur at times.
Law school has the effect of making you forget about the dates and days you're living in at times.

Am still addicted to GD's Coup D'etat's album..It's that good cause I listen to it almost every day.
The new songs addiction now  which is on the 'very serious' level would be:
 Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster
Lorde : The Love Club EP and Pure Heroine album (which means all of her songs are awesome)
Miley Cyrus -Bangerz album is actually pretty decent.
Kahi- It's Me album
The songs from Team A and B of WIN
The Neighbourhood- Sweather Weather and their cover of Cry Me A River (by JT) and Say My Name(by Destiny Child)
Max Frost-White Lies
Caught A Ghost-Time Go (thanks to the drama Suits)
Epik High ft. Lee Hi-It's Cold (polar remix)

and I'm slowly getting hooked on:
GD ft Jung Hyung Don -Going to Try
Park Myung Soo,Primary and Gaeko of DD- I Got C
and other songs by the infinity challenge freeway song festival  which I am searching for their eng lyrics.

1 more month or so till the year ends,I feel like attending one or two concerts before the year ends,but tak ada concert kaki..AND I wanna go for FMFA 2014 also.. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is COMING! But-still searching for a partner in crime.It's sad at times.. to find a person who have the same wavelength of the type of songs you listen to I feel...*sigh*

Did I also mention that a few weeks back,I dont know what got into me but I've been suddenly yearning of going away for a short vacation.The beach,or shopping or just some sight seeing somewhere.I dont know why.Maybe it's cause I was feeling exhausted of my CLP classes and it at times makes one feel like you don't have a life (?) and couple that with seeing pictures on people on fb or instagram who are jet setting here and there for a vacation just adds fuel to the fire you know?

Ok..enough ranting and self-pity -- as I mentioned above,life moves on..I still have enough positivity and happiness about the little things in life to feel sane and  not be totally depressed.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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