Monday, October 21, 2013

A day to remember: 041013

I wanted to blog about this as soon as the day has arrived or like a day after it..But then I was really busy with class and exhausted and then I keep telling myself let's just do it the next day and that next day has finally arrived: today.

What was it that I wanted to blog about here? MY GRADUATION!!!! YES, I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THE EXTERNAL PROGRAMME FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON graduating with a LAW DEGREE!!!! I could not be any more happy and relieved.

I started out for this course,during first year,still being able to cope with all the subjects thrown at me..Did just ok for it and everyone said that second year was going to be the toughest and third year will be the easiest ( easier than second year). Well,second year was definitely HARD. Plus the fact that its the year where you know that it will count towards your degree honors makes it even more so. I remembered I was so stressed up at times,that at times,after class or so,I just went home and watch a sad movie and just cry to release all the pent up stress and fears.This may seem a weird way for you guys maybe,but it works for me.Music of course plays a HUGE part in helping me go through it as well..The relief of getting through 2nd year was certainly huge as it was the first time in my life,that i was super nervous and worried on the day the release of my results,and it being released at 7pm was certainly a test of my patience and sanity.I cried as soon as my brain has processed my results...It was tears of relief,and it felt like a huge weight was just lifted of my shoulders.

With a positive mindset of I have survived the toughest year for a law degree (what everyone has been saying) I went into 3rd year with a little bit more happiness being assured that people will usually do better than their second year and it being easier. Well, it wasn't.. Whoever who said it was,for me that it,THEY WERE LYING. How is Jurisprudence easy man?!! come on, its legal philosophy.To answer 4 question on it for exams i.e basically like writing an essay on it--- I was worried like crazy when the day arrived for me to sit for that exam..When people asked me if I was prepared: My answer was: I dont know what I know is enough and I dont know what I know is correct.I went into the exam not having to memorize anything..Just an understanding on whatever stuff that I have read and some opinion of mine on what it was,what I felt was right to me and was not so right to me...It's definitely my most insecure paper that I had to sit for an exam.The stress level for 2nd and 3rd year is basically more or less the same--the more scary part for 3rd year is that you know its your final year and you just dont wanna screw it up right at the final one you know.

I was more worried for my 3rd year results than my second year I think.And they made it more awesome by releasing it at 10pm this year.Having gone through it for 2 years before that,UOL has this opposite and unexpected effect on your results.Its so unpredictable at times that its just best to prepared yourself for the worst and not have high expectations.Thank god I was working for like 9 hours or so that day,so,at least it took my mind off of wanting to kill myself with the wait.The moment came, and as usual,the first thing I checked was whether I passed everything and after seeing that I did,I saw that I am graduating with a second lower.And then I checked my marks and I was disappointed as the subjects where I thought I did not bad I got low marks and vice versa.And my results were worse than my second year.So ,yeah.... tears of disappointment and regret.I know I sound like such an ungrateful brat..I should be thankful that I got through it.That I am graduating...But there is greed in all human of always after achieving what you have got,to want more.

My family were really proud of me.I can feel it really and the sad thing that I regret was not doing better to really deserve the fact of how proud they were of me.My mum was very excited of my graduation ceremony and keep asking me what I am gonna wear and all.It turns out my sis was excited too as she was the one who asked my mum on what flowers to order and stuff.

I must admit that I was really looking forward to it as well.I dont know if you guys remember,but I blogged about attending my friend's graduation and working for my college's graduation last year or 2 years ago,and I see some people were so nonchalant about it I was puzzled. Inside of my brain,I was thinking : COME ON! It's the day where you are finally and officially graduating from your degree course! Like it's such and awesome and certainly not an easy thing to do! And I was imagining on how happy and excited I would be..

I couldnt believe that the moment was finally here.It was a bit of a hassle in the process of choosing what to wear and stuff.But it was definitely a moment to remember.And I did makeup for myself for the first time..And I must say,it was interesting and I need to brush up my make up skills. And I need to have more confident in myself.

I died in my heels for being in it for almost 6 hours! I brought my flats with me and when I finally decided to change into my pair of flats,my feet felt it it could bend back to its straight flat shape back..I seriously salute girls who could walk in them all day or run in them.At times it was hurting,I think I was just crying and screaming internally.

I really liked Mr.Rajan's speech and when he cried,it just made me wanna hug him.! adding the fact that he looked like a big teddy bear make me wanna do it even more so..Hahahaaha. Since my name started with 'C' i was seated amongst my classmate whom I was not really close with..But being the person that I am,who will die or boredom not talking--made a friend that day.Hahhahahahaa.

Went and had dinner at Gastro Sentral at Le Meridien (the hotel just beside Hilton-where my graduation took place) and had my burger! And it was AWESOMEEEE.hahaahaha.My parents didnt wanna go thorugh the driving hassle on KL on a Friday evening/night..So we took the ktm home to arrive in Seremban with no electricity until about 2 am in the morning.What an epic ending to my day.

I would like to thank my parents and sibling for always being there for me.Sending me to the train stations and putting up with my mood tantrums at times and what not and also for helping me de-stress from time to time and giving me space during my exam period.I still remember my mum telling me after I was done with my second year exam,that during my exam period,she felt like at times she was talking to me- she felt that I was just being there physically but my mind was someplace far away.Hahahahaa,and she was freaked out by that and did not dare to bother me much.My dad who secretly comfort me if I were to come back and said that the paper I sat for was hard and who bought me my ipod( my saviour) and also an iphone.And also sponsored my overseas vacation.My sis who never failed to irritate me and make me laugh and also provide good advice from time to time.My bro who seem to be amazed from the fact that the stuff that his sister is studying is really hard.

I would like to thank all my friends who supported me.My sstwo.I could never be more thankful and blessed of being able to get to know you..For accepting me-who is lacking in so many ways..Who are so patient in dealing with my blur-personality and letting me stay at your house and fetching me out to various places in KL and like having consideration of me being from Seremban and what not..And also of course for helping me in my studies and informing me on all the interesting gossips.And also for hearing me out about my insecurities and assuring me that its ok.Oh,and also putting up with my kpop land concert addiction.Cannot believe it has been for almost 4 years or so that we have know each other.I couldnt thank you guys enough really.

   I would like to thank my besties(not to say that my sstwo arent,you guys are too) : Ms.Sweet for taking the time to meet up with me and having and belanja-ing me lunch and then accompanying me to Hilton Sentral and helping me with my robe and hat to which I was totally clueless about and then hanging out with me for a while more before the ceremony started and also giving me a gift and making a card for me despite being busy for your job know i love you A LOT RIGHT ?! haahahhaa..Would also like to thank Ms.Lee for taking the time to give me opinion on my baju,shoes and make up and hearing complains and what not,despite being in Seoul.I think it is save to say that I have known you guys for more than 10 years and the stuff you guys have thought me..How to be more bolder and what not.For always putting up with me--being late and the concert addiction,the indecisiveness and all.And also for not failing to give me surprises from time to time and also knowing me best on the stuff I like and  all the memalukan moments.Hahahaha.And always hearing out my complaints and self-pitying  about my UOL days,and now my CLP days and always assuring me that I would do just find.And already hiring me as your personal legal adviser! (i expect a payment ok?)hahahaha.thank you sooo much.

I would like to take the time to thank my long time friend: Jue Ann here too.Dont know if you are reading this,but thank you for hearing me out at times of me being stress and knowing the fact that you're gonna be a psychologist and hearing me out and giving me advice and all certainly is assuring and of course taking the time to keep in touch with me! Hahahaa.Congratulations on your graduation as well!!! All the best there in Singapore.I know you can do it =)))

Lastly I would like to thank all my lecturers who had thought me.They were seriously my inspiration.Like me and ah yee was interviewed a bit after the graduation ceremony by some BAC people and the interviewer asked me-what made you continue to go on till the very end?  And I said the lecturers.I think he was like a bit surprised by my answer.I said like seriously,looking at them,being at the side-being able to teach us and doing such a good job at it,made me preserve on..Like I think you guys may have heard me mentioning about one of my lecturers: Ms.Puvan--like I seriously look up to her.She is so good at what she does,and the assurance that she gave me as her student-is just amazing.Ms.Sanjeetha was also one of my inspiration! She is just sooo cool.hahaha.And Mr.Rajan is such a humble person despite of who he really is,just make me feel like no matter how great you are,humility is key.There is no need to be arrogant or a show off to people who are at times not worth knowing.If  you're good at what you do,people will see it.

Also,not forgetting,I would of course need to thank my brain cells.I mean come on,I couldn't have done it without them..You guys have fought a hard and crazy war.The toughest one is yet to come.And I hope I can make it!!!

041013 is truly a memorable day for me as it is a day which officially marks the fact that I have graduated with a law degree.

p/s: seriously bertekad to not procrastinate too much now for my CLP... maytheforcebewithme!

-with lots of love,peace out-

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