Monday, November 17, 2014

Psyching myself

I gasped when I saw that my last post was in September.I didnt know it was such a long time again since I wrote here. So what did I do for the past 2 months for me to procrastinate again to write here?

Well in October I went for a trip to Singapore and Malacca with Sweet,Ms.Lee,Arif and Fred.It was a fun trip I would say.A little bit disappointed with the food in Singapore,but other than that,it was fine.One funny moment would be that Ms.Lee and I stayed up to watch Eddie Peng's drama while everyone was already asleep.I cannot tahan whispering due to the many excitement that I wanna express that we sat at the staircase outside of the hostel in order to talk in normal voices and what not.Hah,and for the first time I finished a can of beer by myself with the results of getting rashes over my body and hands the next day.Certainly a new experience. Coming back from the trip and going back to reality,I was busy applying for jobs.

I would say this is my first time doing this as I never really actually applied/went for an interview in a law firm.I am determined to try and gain more experience in the legal world,and hence this time around,I decided to take a risk and work while studying part time for my CLP. I feel it will be a challenging experience but I feel it's something worth while. No matter if the outcome is good or bad,I feel that there is something to be learnt from this.

I have been to about 5 or 6 interviews so far,and must say no one interview is the same. Certain firms asked a lot more questions in order to test what kind of person you are,some are focused more on your results,some are focused more on the previous working experience that you have.and the vibe that each interviewer give is definitely different.It's a truly interesting experience-not just in attending these interview but finding the locations of the law firms.I do filter my application and confine them to places which are near to LRT or KTM stations as it would be much easier to go to work and what not.

I must say initially,I loath selling my emotions and trying to put up a front where I am more energetic (or should I say more enthusiastic than I normally am) in order to make a good impression.Or in order words,I am not a fan of trying to sell myself out there in order to impress the interviewer.But this is sadly an unavoidable process that one must go through in order to get what one wants. I realized though,as I attend more interviews,I am more comfortable in doing so,and I get more confidence too.

After finishing an interview session,I would usually look back on how I did and at certain times,I do wish I could turn back time just so I could give a better answer.At certain times,better answer just pop into my head after I am done with the interview session. But I try to make a mental note of it in order for me to be more prepared for future interviews.I also tend to doubt if the answer that I gave were weak and due to that,I was not hired because of that one weak answer. *sigh* I guess sometimes,being too safe of a person or its because after I failed my exam that I cant help but try to analyze and identify things on where did I go wrong.

I still am in  the process and hopes of being employed.There is a firm which I have my eye on and even though the job scope to it sounds hard/foreign/stressful and I cant help but thing at the first time it was explained to me " what the hell did I just get myself into" , another part of me tells myself, 'hey,its ok.Take it as a challenge.You dont know much about it,you learn from it.Stress is something which will eventually happen now or in the future in your line of job. And it exists in every workplace.SO do not run away and face it!'' I guess a part of me doubts myself on whether or not I am able to carry out the job properly and at the same time there is a feat of  ' what if I fuck up?'and thoughts about the prefect incident during secondary school flashed by in my mind.Another part of me do assure myself that hey,since you experienced it before,you know what to do and try not to let the same thing happen to you again.AND running away from it and not facing/ conquering your fears is only delaying it and not solving anything at all if I want to move forward in life.

Yes,all this is easier written down than to actually facing it in real.But I believe I am mentally strong to be able to get through this and what doesnt kill me will make me a stronger and better person. So fingers crossed that I will hear some good news soon and will be able to get rid/face/conquer my worries and fears.

-with lots of love,peaceout-

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