Sunday, November 23, 2014


I think the last time I had a crush on someone was a few years back.This year I find myself having an interest in someone of the opposite sex which come very close to a crush but not enough to amount to liking him. Let's just say I am interested and curious to want to get to know him more on rather than the general getting-to-know -a-friend level.

I kind of try and ask if he is interested to hang out and was given some very lame excuses and from there I get the message. He is not interested.. And then I had a hunch that there is something going on between him and a girl which is a classmate of mine. And yesterday I think my hunch was kinda spot on. And now I have this feeling of sadness.

'l know over time I will not be feeling what I am feeling now and I will get over this feeling and will thank the stars in disguise as to why things didn't go how I hope that it will go for now.I just figured I need to let it out somewhere in order to satisfy the feeling of letting it out on a concrete setting/place.
 p/s: Don't get it twisted that I am desperate for a boyfriend.I am not. It's just that I've come to like this person now,and just feel like if something could happen,then of course, I would want it.
-peace out-

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