Friday, May 16, 2014

my person (people)

Just finished watching the season finale for grey's anatomy.At the end of season 10,Christina is finally leaving.And while still in tears I decided that I had to blog about this one quote i love from this episode.It was a perfect farewell.I love it.It happened so fast that i just wanted it to be longer.

"You're my person. I need you alive. You make me brave," Christina said this to Meredith.

In the context of friendship : 2 person came to my mind-Ms.Lee and Ms.Sweet. The things that I've gone through during high school years and what not.

The next people would be Ms.Yap and my sstwo. and also Ms.Jue Ann.

Disclaimer: Not that I dont value my other friends in general,but these are the people that i feel get me and they're the ones i usually go to first (other than my family) on my happiness and sadness in life.

I feel very blessed to have met these people in my life.I am sorry if I dont seem to be the friend in need at times,or when I display my act of jealousy or bitchness. But I do value,treasure and want to maintain or further improve my friendships with a number of people that I've come to know for sometime now.

-with  lots of love,peace out-

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