Sunday, April 27, 2014

how far would you go for love?

To love someone and be with them until it comes to a point where it seems that you are the only one who is working to further build and maintain the relationship while it seems that the significant other always promise to do better and keeps apologizing. Is it really worth holding on to? Is that or is there still love?

Is it still love when it seems that you cry more than you smile at times?

It makes me wonder how far would one go for love?
I've never been in love. Observing and hearing stories about how my friend's deal with their relationships,in giving my opinion at times,I wonder,why would you go through all the pain and misery when it looks and feel that you could do with someone which is so much better? or that it would better to be single and alone rather than putting yourself in such emotionally and physically exhaustive times.

And so they say,love is blind,and we accept the love that we think we deserve.
We are so blinded by it at times,that it numbs a bit of our logical and rationally judgement.
At the same contradictory time,it makes us happy,it gives us hope,it may even make us stronger at times.
It helps us grow and (hopefully ) help us become wiser as well.

So I wonder,how far will you go for love and try to maintain it after going through all the happiness and sadness?
What is it from it are you hoping to get at the end of the day?
This may be an unanswerable question at times

But I do know for a fact that human beings are not robots,we get exhausted.
When it reaches to our very maximum limit,
The brain and heart will tell you,enough.
That's about all the shit I can deal and take.
I need to cut you out of my life for the happiness of you and me.

-with lots of love (?) hahaha,peace out-

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