Monday, September 16, 2013

What have I got myself into?

Ello people. Did you enjoy the story that i wrote in my previous post? My apologies again if you feel its the worst ever and a completely waste of your time.I just realized I have only ever attempt to write 2 stories in my life and all was written for fun..Another story was posted in my blog too.It was written during my last year in high school but was sadly not published in my school magazine and so I decided to post it in my blog instead... Hahahaa.I just re-read it and its completely different from the one I just posted below..If you are interested in reading it-- you can do so here .

Anyways,I have just started my CLP class 2 weeks ago. What do I think of it so far : It's scary,stressful and very bulky. The subject matter is no joke. I have 5 papers to sit for exam-but these papers are further broken down or branched into like 9/10 subjects.. And my study period for all of them : My lectuers will be finished by February or March. Is it crazy? It completely is.

The amount of info that I need to learn,memorize and cram into my brain and then use it for my exam-just the thought of it makes me feel very nervous and stressed up.. A number of people are working while studying this. One of the reason is because classes are only on weekends and tutorials are either in around 5.30 pm or like 7.30 pm for part time students.. So there is actually a lot of free time and some were of the thought that, hey,i might as well work to gain some experience or money.. I kinda have the same thought for one moment too,but then ,my sis was against the idea of me working as she has a couple of friends who did law and just told my sis to tell me that it's best to just devote my time to study... And seeing the amount of work that will be cut up for me,I feel so too.

I have declared ( to myself and for myself ) that Monday is my off day and for other days,i will be starting to revise my studies.. This shall apply today itself. I am really very very worried and scared ( more to feeling horrified) of the thought of failing my CLP ... as the passing rate is like 20% or so and the amount of students in my class is like 400 . Am very worried that I cannot make it. So, I shall make sure I work hard to achieve it and this time I will really make sure that I keep my word on this.

I dont want to fail and study everything all over again.Also,the exam fees and all are so damn expensive that makes me feel super guilty if I dont try and pass it the first time.

I was thinking to myself the other day that UOL seems easier to me now somehow (?) --DOnt get me wrong- UOL is hard like hell,just that I feel CLP is like on another level.. also CLP is more based on memory work and requires you to like vomit it all out in the exam.. Sounds easy right? Well it is if you have a photographic memory and the ability to write very fast to answer 4 questions in a 3 hour exam.

I was very very freaked out that in just 4 classes (2 weeks of classes) that my lecturer is done teaching 5 chapters, and plans to finish another 5 this coming week.. Plus the fact that he gives the 'how hard and tough the exam is gonna be,and if you dont start doing your work now and all,you are writing your own karma and leading yourself tot he road of failure' lecture and how if you do your work last min you are so not gonna make it and CLP is completely different from your LLB days (to which he calls LLB as lagi lagi bohong) really makes me feel stressed out...Which makes me think of this question : Why did I study law? Is this all worth it ? Is this something I really want and is it worth it ? It's a mixture of yes and no really.But,for one thing, it's too early to give up,and I wont be as although I am very impatient with stuffs and tend to not finish things that I set to do at times and tend to get bored easily at stuffs at times also, I will not be a quitter just because it's very tough... As there is a saying that goes : A winner never quits,and a quitter never wins

But,I do have my source of letting  de-stressing myself like listening and checking out a lot of songs,reading blogs, and watching dramas and drooling and gushing about hot guys and all-- so its good for now.

p/s: am trying to revert back my sleeping time pattern, not happening so well right now as it''s already 2 am now..urghhh

-with lots of love, and worries,peace out-

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