Monday, September 16, 2013

That awkward moment

-Awkward is defined as:Difficult to effect; uncomfortable; Marked by or causing embarrassment or discomfort.- There's this one awkward moment that's recorded in my mind like using a video camera. At times it will be replayed on my  mind like a broken recoding tape.

I commute by train to my college on a daily basis.In the beginning the journey was a combination of nervousness and fascination.One because I was always worried that I couldn’t make it on time to my classes due to a wrong estimation of time.Another was I get to see some nice view when I travel.

After about 6 months,I considered myself to be a ‘’seasoned traveler’’ or shall I say a ‘’regular consumer’’ of taking the train. I realised that by taking the train,one need to have entertainment and food. My ipod is my saviour of life in train(if you’re the type can’t really much live without music) or a book or a game device or the BEST thing that one could ask, another person with them to talk to).Also,some water or tid bits with them as delays of the train and what not at peak hours can make you faint either due to not having enough water or food.

The then earnest me during the first few times of taking the train slowly turned into a person who treated the train as if it’s my home( it’s a 1 hour and 20 minutes ride usually).As I can’t stand  not doing anything in the train, I usually have a book and my ipod with me.Or I’ll just sleep. Some awkward or embarrassing encounters either made my day or made me want to crawl inside a hole and hide in it.
One of the most awkward moment that happened got me smiling till today. There was one day when I was staring into space when the train stopped at one of the stations, and a really cute guy got in and was standing right in front of me. The first awkward moment happened where our eyes meet accidentally and looking at him in the eyes for like 3 seconds or so felt like 5 minutes and we broke eye contact immediately afterwards. It happened again when both of us were ‘’caught’’ looking at each other again. Although it was an awkward moment, I was secretly happy as I was having a rough day on that day.I guessed as Lady Luck was on my side that day, the cute guy soon got a seat right next to me!!  

By that time, I was feeling tired and sleepy, and my station being the last station in that train ride,I was soon was fast asleep in the train. Little did I know the cute guy beside me was sleeping too. I thought he had got out at another station. When I woke up from my short sleep drowsily, I saw this old man smiling amusingly at me. For a second, I was puzzled. I thought to myself, did I sleep with my mouth open or did I do something embarrassing while I was sleeping ?? I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide if I did.
Then, I realised that somehow, my shoulder felt heavy. It was only then that I realised that the cute guy was still seating beside me ,sleeping with his head on my shoulders! I was embarrassed, shocked and happy all at the same time. I was screaming ‘’OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDD” internally. I did not know what to do and just let him sleep with his head on my shoulder.The old man sitting opposite of me had seem to be amused by my confused or mixed expression on my face.

Not long after, he woke up and realised that he was sleeping on my shoulder and immediately sat really straight afterwards in an awkward pose.

 To make things worse, the old man sitting opposite of us, told us that we were such a cute couple. I think both of us turned tomato red. That moment was so awkward that both of us were just speechless as to deny that statement made. Thankfully we reached the last station and he apologised for unconsciously sleeping on my shoulder. I told him it was ok and said I myself did not realised that he was doing so as I too was sleeping. I think both of us imagined that scene in our minds that both of us started laughing.
We said goodbye to each other and went on our separate ways.It sadly did not have a fairy tale ending where we ended up exchanging numbers or bumping into each other again.Although,(I think) this may not be the most creative story out there,it is for me, one awkward moment  that I would definitely remember for a very long time in my life.

The story above is a story I wrote to enter a contest like 1 year or 2 years ago.At the last moment,I decided it was a bit too lame and all,and decided to not submit it..It's based on something that really happened,though some parts were of course exaggerated and of course the last paragraph is completely not true.It's just an extension of my dream of how I thought it will be- like something that only happens in the movies you know? Hahaha. Ayways,this is the second story that I have attempted to write in my whole life,so... I wanna put it down somewhere and in a way let it be 'published' for someone to read?

So,thank you if you have taken the time to read this. It  means something to me.My apologies if you think its one of the worst or most boring or most predictable or most lame story that you have ever read in your life.

- with lots of love,peace out-

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