Friday, February 1, 2013

The first 31 days

Hello.I am back again.I think i should make one of my new year resolution to update this blog here more frequently.I tend to confidently tell myself that I shall just compile all the awesome moments that I have and write about it all at once,but since I am getting older and short term memory loss is bad from tie to time.I tend to leave things out and only realised it  after I've posted in my blog and then I will feel lazy to re-edit it and there goes some unwritten things that I wanna put down in words.Gahhh.

How was the first 31 days of 2013 for everyone? I how it started out ok.If it wasn't well,there's still 11 months more to make it awesome!! Hahahahaha.

I started my New Year by having dilemma over none other than...................................Concerts.That's right.I think many of you know know that I am a junkie.Was contemplating on going to the Golden Disk Award (GDA) which is something like the korean ver of the grammys. I bought the rockpit zone initially,but as luck was on my side,I manage to get the Samsung Galaxy Zone and I should off my rockpit ones.

It was a first time for me to sell off my tics in black market and it was indeed a good experience.I shall reserve a whole post for my to scream,declare and just gush about GDA in another post.mmmuahahahaa.And the stress for the upcoming exams is starting to really kick in.And I don't know why but sometimes,whenever  I dont have classes I just feel like lying around and not do anything.SOMETHING WHICH I SHOULD NOT BE DOING! The after effects of it is that I will feel super guilty and a bit of an improvement this year is that,after what I had gone through last year,I know time is something you cannot turn back or wished you had done something different with it.So,I am treasuring it so so so so so so much more now.

My class schedule this year is CRAZY.thank god my exam timetable this year is the best out of my 3 years of exam T.T Let me list my class timetable:
Monday 3-6pm-Sucession , 6.30pm-9.30 pm IP class. (to make it even awesome,classes are at 2 diff building,hence,i need to rush for my second class and also my dinner )

I choose to skip my wed tutorials at night,cause its a bit waste of my time.Like really,waste my time of traveling since the lecturer will email notes of it after class.So...
Thurs-Juris :2-5pm
Sat : Juris :1-4pm , Company law : 4.30-7.30pm
Sunday : Sucession :9am-12pm

So,how does one does not feel exhausted and just feel like not doing anything on their day off,I really salute them. And my revision class (which is like usually super crazy and really kills you) havent even started yet.*cries an oceannn*

But,this is my final hurdle,and I know that to achieve what I am aiming for needs a lot of sacrifice and I will try and reach my goals though I have my distractions and giving up moment from time to time.

Wishing all of my friends here and around the world (mostly in the UK) all the best in their studies or whatever they are on to now! And let us just kill it!!!

My bestie who loves to menghilang from time to time front he internet world ( the only means that I could really connect to her) gave me one of the best surprise again today! Ahhhh.she just never fails at it.Hahahahaha. Am very very happy for her and I hope that I will be able to visit her in Edin with Ms.Lee one day.Hopefully that day will be imminent. Wait for us!!! We will get there one day :DDDDD

Overall,2013 started out with a bang and i hope it will be an awesome year for me and everyone! =))

till then,lots of love,peace out-

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