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*please be warned that this is an account on what happened during GDA and there may be moments of craziness and over-enthusiasm from the writer whom at the spur of the moment may not be in her right mind.And in no way does she intend to show off how lucky she was or anywhere along the line.This maybe a long/kinda detailed account of what happened,and do feel free to skip it if its too much.* Jutaan terima kasih

It's a first time for me to attend a 2 day event concert thing.And what more,a kpop one! Was in dilemma of attending it initially but I wouldn't forgive myself if I didnt go because I get to see all the artist that I've been dreaming of seeing one shot in 2 days!!! I think it was a first time for me to have run for my life to book a good place for queuing.There are 2 entrance for this event and after passing through the 1st entrance the 2d entrance is like 300m further in.So,everyone just run for their life to be first in line again.Joey's friend ran for day 1.And i ran alone for day 2,booking places for like 6 people.OH,the stress.It's been a long time since my school sports day that I run like this.It was like a running competition.Heck,i think i only joined running competition throughout my highschool days  once which when I was 15/16 i think =.=

Day 1 of GDA has more boybands and it was okok for me because all the artist that I have more liking for were performing on day 2. The performers for day 1 was Exo,Suju,Shinee, CN Blue,4 minute,Beast,Infinite,B1A4,BToB,Kara and FT Island,Forgive me if I have missed out any.And it was awesome! just pure awesome.Took the free shuttle bus to Sepang (of all places,they picked this place =.= ) and reach there a bit late,but it was a new experience,figuring out ways to get there and going there alone.Met a friend while taking the bus and we kinda parted ways when we reach the venue cause she and I bought diff zone tics..but we bump into each other again at the end of the concert while waiting for our friends.And i then later found out that we actually share the SAME BIRTHDAY!!! Such coincidence right?
My partner in crime for concerts (esp kpop ones) ,Joey, who is one of the luckiest person I ever know,won the VVIP and backstage passes to this event and hence,during day 1 she was not with me.I more or less stand alone for this concert,which is kinda new to me,and got to know another nice lady...who turns out to be working in samsung and hence we started talking and stuff.She is very much older than me and getting to hear her working experience and all was really interesting. The highlight of day 1 for me was seeing mainly all of the boy bands.

But after the end of day 1,which was tiring,(one of the after effects of concerts) i knew that day 2 was gonna be EPIC.Why? because it has Ailee,Lee Hi,f(x),Miss A ,Sistar,B.A.P, Teen Top,K.will,huh gak ,Epik high and the one and only,the one person that I dengan tidak malunya claim is my husband Mr.Kwon Ji Yong,aka G DRAGON!!!!!!! I couldnt believe that I get to meet him so soon already after the Alive Tour.Gahhhhh.The security and all was more strict on Day 2,because day 1 was like chaos when they open up the gates.People were literally running for their life to get a good place (as it was all free standing) and some lost their shoe,got step on after falling down and some just crashed into near by rubbish bin (the big type) which really freaked me out.As on day 1 ,i was alone and saw that there's still so much space left in the zone i am standing and was ok with not standing first row,I just coolly walked in.

On day 2,Joey manage to book first row places for me.(am really really really really very thankful).Got filmed my some camera men and appeared on the screen a couple of times.This is really an amusing thing for me.Hahaha.Cause some times,we were screaming out lungs out and was not aware of it.HAHAHAHAHA.You can really see the division of fan clubs through this event.ost people were only there tot he the 1 fav group of theirs.For. e.g.: exo. And will scream their heart and lungs out only when they come out.Me being more neutral,screamed for majority of them.But then,saved my energy for the ones i really really love.Hahhahaa.Like,when Huh gak was singing,all of us were like keeping our energy towards the end,cause we knew that G.D would be the last one coming out.But the last 3-4 acts were my fav one of all.I.e the one I looked most forward to in this event,and I just went crazy for them.It started off with Teen Top ( i kinda like their songs a lot) and I think I was the only one screaming like a mad woman in my area,because the people in my area there were all Big bang fans.But i didnt care.And I first apologize for my in coming craziness.HAHAHAHAA.Then it was Epik High . Never in my dreams would I expect them to come to Malaysia,cause to be honest,their fan base here is not as big compared to other idol groups out there.AND AND AND,they performed 'Get Out' which is one of my fav track int he album and I just went crazy.I tell you CRAZY. I just put my camera into my bag and said screw it.not gonna take pics and just gonna enjoy the atmosphere. And lo behold,no words need more emphasis and I guess you guys can guess that when G.D came out,lagi lah I went crazy.To hear him sing Crayon,One of a kind,Light it up (with tablo!! one of my fav tack off the album also) and Heartbreaker  is just SUPER SURREAL. And i actually get to see him so much more closer compared to Alive tour although I had first row standing places also for alive tour.

This event was tiring as hell,went to stay at a hotel (didnt went back to seremban) with joey and her friends.Got to meet her friend from singapore and her friend's friends from China (who is studying in s'pore also).And they are such hardcore fans that i really salute their dedication! Ooh and one of the China girl got G.D"S TOWEL!!!!! Gahhhh,get to see it when we went back to the hotel. *faints* OOH,and I GOT TO TOUCH DJ TUKUTZ FROM EPIK HIGH!!!!!! Towards the end of day 2,all the artists gathered at the front (extended stage) and he came down and was just in front of me.And seeing fans trying to touch him and all,he further leaned  forward to let them touch was a funny and crazy moment.HAHAHAHAAA. And on Day 1,Shinee's Key waved at me.Nope.Am not perasan cause I was the only one in my area who was waving like crazy towards him.HAHAHHAAHAAAA.Ohhh,and I got to see G.D's rehearsal before the show started on Day 2.had to squat down and see through a fence,but its worth it.And all i can say is that he is really a perfectionist and likes to act cool. =((( Let's just say i could not be any more starstruck that night .hehehee

This is truly something I will treasure for life.And the after effects of this event is kinda great.It's like I am suddenly adapting myself to this 2 day kinda thing,where after the first day,you go back to hotel,shower and then fan girl with your friends and all and then just sleep.Then you wake up the next day to queue for your line and go all crazy again.Then are back to reality.back to the stressful college life and all.Booooooooo.

oh and on another sad note,this is my last event in malaysia with joey.My partner in crime to fan girl over big bang concerts as she will be going to seoul to further her studies.Shall def visit her one day and the main mission for both of us is to visit Vita Dolce.=)))))

The stage -Day 1

Day 1-Moi posing before the event starts
Dj Tukutz of epik High!!!!!

G.D's towel !

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End of Day 2.posing with friend's pass.hehehee

More pics can be found on fb =)

till now,with lots of love,and madness,peace out-

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