Thursday, February 28, 2013


Sometimes you think you have a rough idea of how a person is.
You never expect them to change or thought they will.
The words ''People generally don't change ya.It's very hard for people to change at times'' came into my mind.

As I watch someone I know change for the worse right in front of my eyes.
It's just sad.I was shocked,disappointed and disgusted.
How could a person change to being someone who is so cruel?
Yes,you just need to just breathe,to just stop time for one moment and relax.

All I see was you are just escaping.
It maybe a hard thing to accept,the reality.
But everything happens for a reason.
Have you ever thought of what your consequences might lead to?

I can't understand why did you do it.
We were never close due to our age gap.
I maybe deemed as 'still a kid' and dont understand stuff.

Well,I may not know how complicated things were.
But to see you hurt the people who loves you the most.
To see them go through the pain.
It's just sad.
I wished you could see what you have put them through.

Maybe that time will come one day for you to realize.
I am afraid when that time comes,it will be too late.
For it is not easy for one to forgive another.
If forgiveness was ever or eventually given,
One does not forget easily.

It's just sad.

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