Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 366th day.

It's 12am now and it's 31st December 2012 !!! Gosh,I feel time flies exceptionally fast this time.It feels only yesterday where it was like August and wosh! it's the last day of December already.

I would have to say the first half of the year was one of the most stressful time for me.Facing my 2nd year exam was seriously no joke.Learned a lesson (a regret that happens every year.hahaha) of the need to be more hardworking (always!) The exam was so stressful that I think I lost 3 kg and only realized it after my exams and all.Why i think this is so is because I didnt exercise and what not that much.=((((( Actually the first half of the year pass by so fast that made me go,huh.all this happened this year? damn...i forgot it did.Hahahaa.

Did not go to as many concerts as I did last year.But went to a really,really AWESOME one.Yes,you guys know it without me saying it right? BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR MALAYSIA 2012!!!!!! It's a concert that I've been dreaming of  for a VERY VERY LONG TIME!!! This might not be believable but the memory of the concert scenes and all are still very much fresh in my mind.

Also,visited my dream country (whom I actually hope if I really could,to live and work there for a short period of time ) as you would have seen me blog in my previous post.

This year,it's a year where I turned 21,got a lot of surprises which I am really thankful of.It made me cry when I'm in my room at the end of the day,replaying all that have happen! I learn over the years to not only look at the outcome of something but also to realize and appreciate the effort that has been put in in order to make something a success.

It also made me realized that I have really really  crazy awesome friends whom I can't thank enough.It made me feel really blessed and even more appreciative.From the bottom of my heart,thank you so so so so so much for being there for me.And I will try to be a better friend.

I've also been obsessed with bracelets that I decided to learn how to make simple ones myself.For those who follow me in twitter/instagram (yes.I am now on instagram also!! hehehehe) would be able to see my hasil kerja XD

Music and drama wise,has never been more awesome.New discoveries of new artists and songs are just pure l.o.v.e.Finding someone who have the same love for them is super awesome ! as it is usualyl hard to find someone who does.a scene that reminds me of this is in the movie 'perks of being a wallflower' of emma watson and ezra miller.Hahahaa.I dont know why,but it just is.This year has wayyyyyy lots of awesome korean drama(Rooftop Prince,King2Hearts,The Moon Embraces the Sun,I Miss You,-just to name a few) and also big bang theory,grey's and HIMYM always never disappoint.There's also many good movies this year,be it in any language.

Overall,this year has thought me that a person is always surrounded by change.It depends on oneself on whether one would want to change,be it good or bad.It made me realize that I need to be stronger and want to constantly improve myself for the better,mentally and physically.It made me appreciate all the little things in life.It made me realize that whenever you think you got it bad,there's wayyy more worse thing happening to other people that your problem is just a dot compared to others.It made me try to not self-pity myself for it's a very sad/pathetic thing at times.To get over it and just do it if you have the ability to do it,then do it!!

All in all,to quote Paulo Coelho who tweeted this today : ''Never regret anything that made you smile in 2012'' It's up to you to interpret this quote.For me,it's not just the literal meaning of smile,it's smiling sarcastically,evilly,sadly,happily,everything that I've gone through good and bad.

It will be a dawn of another new year come 1st January 2013.May everyone have a good year ahead of you.Am looking forward to it!! Lastly,I can't finish this post without saying this.I know this may be one of the most over-used phrase this year,especially towards the end of the year but,I can't help it, I SURVIVED 2012 people!!!!!!!!!! Mmmuhahahahaahahahahaaaaa..

p/s: just realized that this is my 200th post!!!!! Gahhh.such coincidence.:DDDD

till then,see y'all next year,with lots of love,peace out-

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