Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forever on my mind.

Hello.I've been neglecting the space here,what with my very active role in twitter and minimal ones in fb.And I am on instagram now too.Hehehee.

Life is normal as usual.It's the year end break before 2013.Am a bit stressed up for this hols as I know that I need to study as much as can.For come next year,things will move on quickly.Advanced timetable is out.Exams starts way early next year.May 7th-May 29th.There a good gap between all my 4 papers.So'I'm happy with the schedule this time around.

Parents are currently in Singapore and sis will be going to Thailand tomorrow.Skipped class today as I was too lazy to travel and coming back by myself either by walking or taking the taxi.And it's only been like 2 days but I'm bored.Only now that I realised that there's a diffrence between spending time alone at home where you know there's people there with you,only that you're just locking yourself in the room and there is really NO ONE at home.You literally having the house to yourself for 3-4 days.I just feel bored.Like I have no one to talk to.

My dog has also gone for his 1 week long or so holiday.Have not seen him for over a week.Saw him and his gf nearby my taman when I went out to dinner a few days back.And he just walked past us without recognizing us till my dad called him.He just suddenly stop,and looked and us and went, guys were here? and started to come towards us! I went ''hmhpphhh,how can you not recognize us' *cries*

But I'm gonna meet my friend,Joey tomorrow for lunch and Ms.Lee is coming on Sat !!! Yayyyyy.I just have this feeling like I've not talk to people for a long time.Gahhhhh.

It's 21st December today! Is the world ending? If it is,I feel I need to write about this first.I have been delaying this post for a very LONG time now.But these 2 events are something that have been stored deeply in my mind.Till today it's still fresh on my mind.And when I played it back in my mind like a recording tape,I just want to go back to the moment.

One of my life long dreams came true this year.Getting the chance to attend Big Bang's concert IN MALAYSIA and GOING TO KOREA !!!! And coincidentally after the concert,I flew right away to Korea.As I think I wrote about this a few months back that I was kinda worried that these 2 events will clash and lo and behold,it did! Selfish me was unwilling to sacrifice the concert.(I will cry my heart out really) and so final solution was that I left the concert earlier to go to the airport.

All in all though,I missed the encore part,where the songs had been performed earlier,so it can be said that I heard all the songs in the setlist!!! I would really like to thank Joey who queued overnight and reserved a really AWESOME spot for me..It was rockpit and I was in first row,i.e. the very front.First time where I'm standing in a rockpit and I almost had moments where I feel like fainting.And it was raining quite bad before the concert started that I almost left because I was worried that I will get sick as I reach Korea where the weather was getting cold.Also,this was the first time that I went to a concert venue so early.I was there at about 10.30 am and could here them rehearse a bit and there was a lot of activity going on.People giving out cards for TOP's birthday event,and a nice random girl suddenly asking me who is my bias(the big bang member i like the most) to which i answer G.D and she gave me a postcard of him!!!!

Joey asked me to wait for a while and thankfully when the concert started,the rain stopped.OMG.I just lost my mind and when crazy and seriously almost cried when they came out and when it was about to end,before the encore session.I had tears in my eyes..Joey was literally crying beside me and that made me wanna cry even more.Seeing them live is JUST FREAKING AMAZING.As many of you know,I've been dreaming and waiting for this moment forever.I've liked them since I was 16 or so.It's just purely surreal.

Seeing all of them in person was super crazy and one of the dancers waved at me!!! his name was han-sol.Nope I'm not dreaming/perasan.He really did.My friend,Joey got the rehearsal pass tic and Taeyang went downt he stage and SHOOK HER HAND.OMGGGGG.She is just soooo lucky.I am sooo happy for her.Cause her level of love/fandom for them is way way way above my level.If you think I'm crazy,obsessed with them,you're wrong.For on the day of the concert,I really meet many many more who are way way way way dedicated than me.Especially those who were queuing at the very front row for the rockpit area.I just salute them.

When I boarded the place,the were playing Big Bang's Blue and I went ''AHHHHH.I just heard this LIVE just now!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' And started putting my hand up a bit and wave and sing along to it softly.Thank god we were sitting at the very last row of the plane that no one really saw us,and since it was a midnight flight,most of the people was sleepy.Hehehee.

Touch down at Seoul and the first thing that hit me was  shoot.the weather is COLD.(body still not used to it).AND I JUST CANT FREAKING BELIEVE THAT I"M HERE IN KOREA!!!!!! On first day itself there was a drama of sis leaving my bag with all my share of money for the trip in the train.She panicked and keep saying''how??!!!'' and i said,''chill'' go find the security people at the train station.Ours was the last station,so it's either the train's still there or it's gone.I was thinking to myself then while waiting for sis where she went down back to the platform that,''Shit.With the money gone (was expecting to find it back) we will have to spend carefully now.'' THANKFULLY,a really amazing person (whoever you are,you are truly blessed) found it and just drop it at the lost and found box with EVERYTHING still intact.All of us just got a heart attack on the first day itself,and we hadn't even reach our hostel.

On Day 2,I then lost my purse which had about rm700 (about 250,000 won) when I went to Mt.Sorak at Sokcho.Sokcho is like another city/district which is  a 3 hours jorney form Seoul.I only realised it when we stopped halfway at a rest area on the journey back to Seoul.It was already about 10pm.And we tried out luck upon reaching Seoul to ask the bus company to contact the people in Sokcho whete rthey could find my purse.But had a little trouble communicating with them cause the worker;s eng was not that good,and so was my Korean.Went back to hostel emo that night cause I was thinking to myself that the money that I lost,I could have bought 2 pairs of shoes with that! I was a bit sad too of losing my purse cos (it s a purse i use when I go traveling) its actually like a name card holder with ss501 on the cover.Luckily it was ss501,cause its a bit more easy to explain the description to the worker at the bus company though SUPER embarrassing at the same time. =((( p/s: my BAC student card was in it.HAAHAHAA.

Sis just asked me to email the korea bus company that night and the next day they replied AND SAID THEY FOUND MY PURSE!!!!!!!!! Even my hostel manager,when we told him the story was shocked that they were able to find my purse cause its not always this happen.So,instead of going to Sokcho,they even sent it back to Seoul and I went to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal to collect it.Was just expecting to get my purse back as someone would probably have taken the money it in AND NO,when I got it back,ALL MY MONEY WAS INTACT.UNTOUCHED. I was so so SO surprised and thankful.I really dont know what luck I have there.

We didnt really get to visit all the places we planned to go due to time constraint.And hence,I vow to go visit Seoul again!! it's a definite must!!! Also,we didnt go to Jeju Island or Busan this time around.Autumn in Korea is really pretty but also cold.And you can't really do much shopping on clothes as they're all more towards winter clothing.So,I plan to go to Korea in the summer next time to just shop and chill since I've visited most of the tourist sight seeing spots like palaces and stuff.Really,if you visit a country for the first time,one can't just really go and just sit around in coffee shops and people watch and stuff cause your schedule is just so full and packed,you know what I mean? I also wish to go there with my friends instead.Feel like its more fun! Going with my sis is nice but due to the age gap,there's some stuff which she wouldnt want to do,like e.g. go clubbing and places where there's more youngsters there like Hongdae.Was a bit sad as I would like to further explore that place but since didnt really like that place.

I'm also very happy that my limitted korean has its good use here.Like I could speak and understand basic things and lebih kurang figure out what they say if their sentences are too long.Am usually the one in charge of asking directions and stuff cause sis and her friend dont know any single word.A number of locals there asked us where we came from and an auntie at Sokcho even said that my korean is very good already givent he fact that I dont live there.!!!  Was so proud and happy when I heard that!!! :DDD

Many people were kinda shocked that we didnt follow a tour company going to Korea.Sis wanted to initially,but my friends who have been there all told me that its possible and better to go tour by yourself.And it is really possible.It's just you need to plan your itinerary well and more on the detail side.And knowing basic korean really helps.Or trying going with someone who knows a bit.

My hostel was awesome.We booked a family room and the room was so big that its almost like a small little apartment as we have our own fridge,small kitchen and toilet to ourselves.Best ting was,it was on a roof top and you can see Namsan Tower from our roof top!! Stayed at Sookmyung Women's Uni station.And it was a good place.Didnt explore it in detail.As we either went out early where the shops are not open yet or came back late where the shops are closed.=(

All in all,I had a good time.Experience their public transport fully,Took the subway,intercity train,bus and taxi! On taxis,I directed the taxi driver on how to go back to our hostel one night.It luckily was the road where we always walk back every day that I remembered it.The taxi driver was from Japan!! and had not heard of our hostel place before!

There are also the bad side of it,like at Hongdae,had a bit more difficulty in asking people for directions as they are not that frinedly there,encountered some really bad service while shopping at a mall and some of the people there dont like 3 people ordering only 2 things when it comes to eating at times.And you really walk a LOT in Korea.Their subway station is HUGE and different exit could really lead you to different place.Places like Myeongdong is so big that we found ourselves at another subway station line one day.So,if you get lost,it may be crazy.hahhaha.

 But,all in all,I am totally in love with Korea.the food,the culture,everything.Big Bang songs and all my fav songs are played everywhere.And I always get all excited about it.But people there are just cool with it cause its a norm there! If I could I would really want to just migrate and live and work there.I hope I can have this chance! If I can't,well,I just need to go there more often for holiday.HAHAHAHA.

Time to sleep.Before that,read some posts in twitter and stuff stating things like: If there world were to end tomorrow,what will the things that you wanna do? ( state as creatively as possible) and all i could think of was to write a will,go on a random date,and just devour on all my fav food and just not sleep. Another one was,if the world were to end,do you have something that you regret on doing or not doing? My answer to it was yes and no.What's yours?
Give it some thinking.It somehow helps me to reflect on all the things that have happened this year and make me cherish all the little,forgettable moments I experienced now and then.=)

-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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