Monday, November 19, 2012

Short update

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. +Anais Nin

I like the quote above a lot.was browsing through some blogs where I stumbled upon that.You guys must have think I have a lot of free time,always browsing and discovering new blogs.I dont really.When I'm on study break time at home,I read blogs.Am a bit lazy of watching dramas at times.I like to multi task.And hence,the usual routine is reading blogs and hearing songs.Hhehehehe.

I have 2 important update which I have not gushed about here.My Big Bang concert and Korea trip.Shall update them soon (by end of this month)!!

How's life so far? Loving my new hair cut.Ms.Lee made me a shoe as past of her holiday project.I am soo touched and LOVE it!! Which reminds me,am gonna do a bracelet for my friend's birthday.Am searching for the perfect charm for it. I bought 2 rings from Korea and am indecisive as to turning them into a charm for my necklace,wearing them as rings (i dont usually wear rings-not really a ring person) or turning it into a charm for a bracelet.Gahhhhhh.

Am catching up in my studies and trying to utilize my free time as beneficial as possible.I keep reminding myself everytime I feel like postponing revising that I dont want to regret like how I did last year and after hearing on how well others did,I feel ashamed and to be honest,tak syok.So,I am gonna give it my all to try and get a 2.1 honours and make myself and my family proud!!!

2ne1 cancelled their New Evolution concert in Malaysia and Indonesia.I am heart broken.Was about to decide to go for the concert alone ( I couldn't find a partner in crime to go with me T.T) and and feel missing this concert,I'm gonna regret big time.And I really like CL's solo stage in the concert.To see it like is crazy awesome!!! Am in dilemma now on whether  I should go to FMFA where Rita Ora,Temper Trap,FUN and PSY are among the few artists coming,which I wanna see.Bad thing,maybe going alone.(Well I do have a friend who is going,only thing is I'm not really close to him).Sis remark was''You're that desperate to go,till you sanggup to go with someone you're not that close?'' And she asked me to choose between this festival and Lee Hom ( who will be coming in March for a 2 day concert at Genting-where sis lans to buy a mahal punya tic to see him really closeeeee this time). *SIGH* how?!!!!!! Can someone give me some opinion? *criessssssss* I have seen Lee Hom for a few times now.Being able to see Rita Ora and the Temper Trap live is something I never dream on really.It's a rare opportunity really.How??!!!!! T.T

Music department on current love: Primary,Zion.T,Lee Hi,Epik High-Kill This Love, Calvin Harris ft.Ellie Goulding-I need your Love,Calvin Harris ft.Ayah Marar-Thinking About You.Am also looking forward to Rihanna's new album =))

Have not been to the cinemas for what feels like years.The last time was in August? or Sept I think? *gasps* yes.And hence I usually just dl the movies that I wanna watch years later.Hahahahahaa.

Special shout out to my bestie on the other side of the world.I love surprises and she never fails to give me one always.You know who you are.Miss you lots.Didnt know she still reads my blog here as she leads a crazy busy life there.Love you lots and take care there.XOXOXXOOXXOXOXO

The other bestie is now in Aussie.3 weeks of not hanging out =(((( She's my only partner in crime for shopping or eating good food.Which while I was going out to meet her last weekend my parents remark was: ''Your one and only friend'' =.= because I usually just hang out with her.Hahahaha.I cannot imagine if she goes to Aussie for a year to further her studies.I'm sooo not gonna have anyone.*cries* hahahahahaa.Anyways,enjoy your trip there.Shall await for your return!!! <3 p="p">

-with lots of love,peace out-

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