Monday, June 4, 2012

Just epic

Hello people.How's your holiday going if you're currently on one.Good I hope.Mine's going just fine,relaxing..or in other words just staying at home and catching up all the dramas for me.I'm not bored of this life yet.Going out all day and hanging out at times could be tiring (for me that is) I'm not the type who can usually go out every day to hang out,etc cause I will somehow feel exhausted at the end of the day at times.I think I have some low energy levels in my life going on here.hmmmm.

Here I was writing in my previous post below,saying how much I'll miss my best friend whom I currently thought is in Scotland when she actually came back way much earlier and plan a surprise for me by coming to my house at 10am the other day while was I past out in deep sleep.Mum barged into my room saying that a friend of mine is here to visit me.I was thinking to myself :'' What? I dont get a lot of visitors coming to myself to find me,and to come where you havent inform me? Who would that be?''

I dragged my half asleep body downstairs not really caring how my face nor hair or whatsoever look like (i didnt even think to brush my teeth first ! =.= ) And standing there,right in front of my eyes,was none other than my best friend. And I went ''what are you doing here?!!???!!!! why are you here?!!!!!!!'' And was then I think in a state of being half-asleep-in shock mode.And the first thing that came out of my mouth was,''Luckily I didnt mail you stuff'' I was actually just discussing with Ms.Lee to mail some stuff over to UK.And I was thinking if I had mail it,then it would have to wait until September or so.

This I can say is another event that I can add to my biggest shocker in my life list.I seriously salute my friend for coming up with surprises.I love/try making this kinda things for my other friends at times,but she is a level above me.What with a letter on my birthday and now this is way way beyond hebat.You know what I mean?!

Can't wait to hang out with her once again as I was just thinking to myself that this time last year,I was able to meet up with her and we could go eat and all.Even we didn't meet everyday,the fact that she is currently in the same country with me rather than thousand,million miles away for me is just better.That one feeling is just pure awesomeness.

I hope we could spend this holiday this time around with way more adventure than last year ;D

On the other note : Loving Big Bang's Sp.edition alive album.The release the full song for 'Alive' which I am just so loving it.And also korean ver. of Feeling.I love love love that song!! And I AM GONNA MEET THEM IN MALAYSIA FOR THEIR ALIVE TOUR CONCERT.THIS IS SO FREAKING SURREAL THAT it freaked me out that I don't wanna take it for granted and am praying constantly that there are no obstacle that would prevent me from doing so... To see them live is like my ultimate dream come true.Seriously.I never thought I really had a chance.Being a concert junkie that I am,I have this dream concert list where before I die,I hope I can at least see these people live right before my eye.And Big Bang is one of them that is on top of my list. I hope I get the chance to see 2ne1 too.They are just awesome live.
Others artist that I wanna watch live: Coldplay,Snow Patrol,Florence and the Machine,Justin Timberlake (if he ever make a music comeback and a world tour that happen to stop in malaysia-chances which will be very very low) Linkin Park,and many many more that if I continue to list here would seem to be every single fav singer of me. =.=

Can't wait for 2ne1's comeback too!! And I am currently obsessed with Florence+ The Machine.I stumbled upon her performance in British X factor and I was just blown away.Ooh,am currently loving Wonder Girls' and Teen Top new songs.Wonder Girls are slowly turning to be one of my fav. groups cause almost all the songs in their album is just awesome rather than just one or two songs.

Am currently taking up driving again.Hope all goes well with this that soon I will be able to drive by myself and no longer need to depend on people and at least I dont have to take the public transport as frequently as I do.Not that I hate taking public transport.Just that at times when I'm in Seremban,it's hard to go out by myself and there are some places in KL or whatnot that is just hard to get to with public

OK.I'm off to bed now cause my clock now is at 4.31 am.I know.I know.Am trying to revert back my sleeping time and all during these holiday and try to be healthier and skinnier and more pretty.oh the peer  pressure (that's what I call  it.hah) and the materialistic society can be very cruel at times *korean slang* you know? urghhh.
-with lots of love for now,peace out-

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